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Disney Introduces New Walt Disney World Tech Fun

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The past couple of weeks, Disney has rolled out with some very interesting tech opportunities that you may want to take advantage of either in the parks, or even at home, but more on that in a second.


The first update is that the Walt Disney World Resort finally has a Twitter account that is similar to the current @DisneylandToday Twitter account for Disneyland Resort. The new Twitter account will be known as @WDWToday. (Hmmmm…why does that sound familiar? By the way, no relation to a certain beloved podcast.) This official account will offers Guests suggestions, tips, and answers to their questions during their visit to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Moving on to the My Disney Experience app, a new upgrade has made where Guests will be able to take advantage of aspects of Disney PhotoPass including:

  • View all their Disney PhotoPass photos, including photos from select attraction and dining locations.
  • Purchase Memory Maker.
  • Find Disney PhotoPass Photographer locations.
  • Link Disney PhotoPass Cards.

Guests who have an active Memory Maker entitlement will be able to use the app to download their photos and share them to their favorite via social media.

I played around with it a little bit this after downloading it and the PhotoPass option shows up immediately on the opening page.


Also, once clicking on the link, it takes you to see (and potentially download) any photos that you have that are currently attached to your My Disney Experience account, like you can see with my photos. As you can see from the tools at the top of the photo, you can find photographers easily in the park, link your photos from a PhotoPass card, or filter what type of photos you want to see, for example, only Magic Kingdom photos.



Disney PhotoPass images linked to your account will appear automatically (though sometimes it can take up to 24 – 48 hours for photos to be moderated and added to your account), as will photos and video from select attractions. In addition, you will need to link your MagicBand, park ticket, or PhotoPass card(s) to your account in order for PhotoPass photos to appear in the app.

I have to say, having easy access to downloading and sharing photos through the My Disney Experience app is a welcome addition.

Speaking of apps, if you are a Disney shopper, then I have one you will have to download. (Though, it may cause you to spend money WAY too easy.) Disney has introduced the Shop Disney Parks app and boy is it dangerous, but so fun too.

The Shop Disney Parks app is completely free and allows Guests to find, buy and ship merchandise products offered at Disney-operated retail stores across Walt Disney World Resort. The app can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Again, I sat down to play with this one, and seriously, I almost bought a bowl I’d been wanting for months. Disney makes it oh so easy to get that perfect souvenir just with the touch of a button.

Here’s how it works.  You can explore and shop authentic Walt Disney World merchandise.


You can also find said item in the park, if you are visiting and you find something you cannot live without.


Finally, you can easily scan an item, purchase it from the app in the park, and then have it shipped to your home.  Easy as 1-2-3.



So, I decided to peruse the app myself.  And came across the aforementioned bowl I’d been wanting.


Seriously, with the touch of a button, I could either Add to Bag, or choose the extremely tempting, Order Now. As long as my credit card info is in the app, with a simple click, this would have been headed towards my door step faster than I could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


Currently, only merchandise from retail stores across Walt Disney World Resort is available on Shop Disney Parks with delivery to home. Planned enhancements include the addition of delivery options to front of park and package pick-up at Disney resorts. Do keep in mind that some products found in the parks may not show up on the app as available or with the option to ship to home.

Again…very dangerous.

Which of these three tech advances appeals the most to you?

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8 thoughts on “Disney Introduces New Walt Disney World Tech Fun

  • I’ve already ordered (and have received) a coffee mug from Fort Wilderness I was kicking myself for not buying on our last trip. It was wayyy to easy! I’ve had to stop myself from even looking as the second time I went on the app, I had a cart full of hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. Seriously dangerous, lol.

  • My husband bought things on the Shop Disney Parks App right when it launched and the items arrived very quickly (much faster than Disney Store online). One thing he ordered was packaged crispy cereal treats from Animal Kingdom. We are DVC and AP and the discount was automatically in there since he linked the app to his mde account.

  • Unfortunately (or fortunately whichever way you look at it) the ship Disney parks app is not available for overseas visitors.

    • I am hoping (as a visitor from the UK) that once they allow shipping to Disney resorts they will open it up to international guests. It would be nice to keep track of items I see in stores early on in my holiday and then order it for collection at my resort a few days before the end of the trip.

  • Given that the twitter handle was already taken when Len and the boys tried to get it for the podcast, I wonder what WDW did to wrestle it away from the previous owners.

  • Do they allow the purchase of chocolate covered chocolate chip Mickey cookies from Main Street Confectionery to be delivered to your door? If so, then I’m in (and in trouble)!

  • I notice you got a discount on the bowl you got. Is that a DVC or AP discount or just a case of the merchandise being reduced for everyone. If the app allows you to take advantage of DVC or AP discounts, that would be great!

    • I bought something on the app yesterday and it gave me a discount too. I have an AP linked on MDE, but it’s not active yet, and a disney chase debit card, but was not using it as my payment method this time so I don’t know what the discount was actually for. It was added automatically, but didn’t say why.

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