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Force Friday Merchandise Event to Take Place on September 4

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Do you feel that? It must be the Force awakening.

With the upcoming latest Star Wars release coming out in December, there is, of course, going to be a large merchandise push. So for those who must have the newest or any collectible merchandise, you’ll want to take part in the Force Friday Merchandise Event. This ticketed event will take place on both coasts at Disneyland at the World of Disney Store and at Walt Disney World at Once Upon a Toy on September 4, at 12:01 a.m.

Tickets to this special event will cost $50 per person and will include the opportunity to be the first to buy new Star Wars, as well as new Star Wars: The Force Awakens themed merchandise including Disney theme park exclusives and licensed products. Guests of the event will also receive an amenity gift.

For those who wish to attend the event, they should visit www.DisneyParksMerchandise.com.

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9 thoughts on “Force Friday Merchandise Event to Take Place on September 4

  • Isn’t once upon a toy at disney springs? If you show up at nine o’clock are they going to be out of merchandise? What about the Lego store in disney springs are they holding a force Friday event too?

  • So, you show up at Midnight at HS to purchase the goods?

  • Pay us money to get the honor of paying us money!

  • What is an amenity gift? Sounds like I’d be buying an opportunity to buy Star Wars merch. I’ll be at the parks, but I think I’ll wait.

    • That’s the problem. They don’t say what the amenity gift actually is.

    • The website says it is a Force Friday logo’d tote. Not quite worth the 50 bucks imho.

      • Agreed.

  • Hopefully the gift is really nice and there are some characters, 50 dollars seems really high.

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