New Nighttime Show Now Taking Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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I was in Walt Disney World this past weekend, for the Memorial Day holiday, when the resort quietly debuted a brand new nighttime show for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The new show, called Disney Movie Magic is a projection mapping show that takes place on the Chinese Theater. Disney Movie Magic is not a replacement for the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. Instead, it is a considered as a sort of pre-show that takes place 30 minutes prior to the big nighttime spectacular.

Disney Movie Magic features clips from both classic and new Disney movies including Mary Poppins, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Indiana Jones, and more. The new show really does drive home the values of the park and showcases the movies that make Disney, well Disney.

The show is presented in the park nightly.

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One thought on “New Nighttime Show Now Taking Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • June 2, 2017 at 8:44 am

    The videos of this show I’ve been able to find have allowed me to see the “big picture” content of the show, but I admit that I am perhaps missing some of the smaller and quicker references in the show. I did notice, for instance, a quick appearance by Zorro.

    But unless these types of references are an absolute avalanche, I’m a little disappointed by the recency bias in Walt Disney World’s last couple of nighttime shows featuring projections of IPs. While “Once Upon a Time” actually does a pretty good job incorporating both classic and newer Disney properties, “Happily Ever After” and now “Disney Movie Magic” appear to default heavily to more recent movies.

    I’m in no way arguing that newer films shouldn’t be represented. They absolutely should. It is part of the deal that WDW will promote their newest offerings. I do, however, believe that a little perspective on the overall history of the company should be employed. And if some of the younger members of the crowd think “who is that?” a few times, well that’s a good thing isn’t it? Curiosity will lead those kids to search out more films from Disney’s filmography, something that will be far less likely to happen if they already recognize everything they see.


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