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Disney Park Pass Reservation System Lasting Until At Least 2023

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With the release of 2022 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages, Disney has officially confirmed that the Disney Park Pass Reservation System will at least be around until the early part of 2023! That’s because Guests who book trips can now make Disney Park Pass Reservations all the way until January 2023 currently.

As a reminder, the Disney Park Pass System requires that all Guests with a ticket or Annual Pass to make a reservation in advance for each park entry. The ability to make these reservations can be found here.

In order to use Disney Park Pass System, Guests will need:

  • A My Disney Experience account
  • Valid theme park ticket or Annual Pass that’s linked to their My Disney Experience account
  • For those with a Disney Resort hotel reservation, you will also need to be sure to link your reservation to your My Disney Experience account, as well

Once logged into your My Disney Experience account and you have linked your ticket, you’ll be granted access to a calendar. This calendar will feature any available reservation dates for each theme park. Guests with multi-day tickets will be required to make a park reservation for each date of their visit. If you have family members or friends also traveling with you, you can link their tickets together with yours and make theme park reservations for the same dates.

Park reservations are limited in number and subject to availability. This is currently being done to allow the Walt Disney World Resort to limit attendance and control guest capacity to align with guidance from health and government authorities on physical distancing. Guests can look at theme park reservation availability here.

For those Guests who have purchased Park Hopper options, you will still need to make a theme park reservation. You will select the first park you wish to visit. Then, after 2:00 p.m., you can hop to any park that is currently not closed to capacity. More details about Park Hopping can be found here.

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16 thoughts on “Disney Park Pass Reservation System Lasting Until At Least 2023

  • Disney world is just a pathetic shell of it’s former self. I am officially boycotting all things Disney until this travesty ends. No trips. Sold all Disney stocks. And canceled Disney+.
    Help me out. Let’s make them feel it in their wallet.

  • Disney cant fill the jobs they have right now. The park is so empty, with people not wearing masks inside, and the delta variant is becoming more prevalent. I would not want to be in a close proximity to people, until we achieve herd immunity. I applaud Disneys answer to this control of people, in both parks, and times, we are not crowded and I can eat without someone breathing all over us…

    • Then stay home. Let the rest of us enjoy what little there is to enjoy these days.

  • Getting rid of the park reservations is beneficial for everyone. We, the customer, get to enjoy being spontaneous and deciding to go to a park the day of or night before or not lose out on one of our fav parks because it decided to rain on that day. Disney, meanwhile, gets more money because more people can enter the park, and happier customers because we dont have to reserve certain parks on certain days.

    I have already decided to delay my Disney vacation to 2023 mainly due to this park reservation system so hearing that it might still be there in 2023 is making me real sad ngl.

  • This is disturbing to me. I am a park hopper and do not intend to pay for a hopper pass if they restrict me to when, and IF, I can hop and/or hop back! what a crock. I am hoping to go in May 2022. And what is this about maybe not being to re-enter your original park? huh? a lot of people go to hotel for a break in mid afternoon and then back to their park. The possibility of not getting back in because of capacity is ridiculous. Disney had better get back to normal before people start going to that other park down the street….

  • Pre-Covid, Disney had at least as much data (likely more) than Touring Plans did when it came to expected crowds on any given day. They won’t need to know the exact number of guests through the reservation system after things return to normal.

  • Excellent point, Len. I don’t blame them at all for wanting guests to sign a legal waiver. I just wish there was another way to get that job done. However, I should think that the park pass system is likely the gateway through which all visitors must pass, and a good opportunity to have them sign it.

    Regards the staffing cost comment – I hope they are not building into their future plan cuts in staffing, resulting in early park closures, etc. Health and safety are at the forefront of priority, of course. Beyond that, I feel Disney should be flooding back the value of this beloved, very expensive vacation destination.

    • There’s no other way for Disney to implement the liability waiver for existing tickets without resulting in a PR disaster.

      Therefore, Park Pass will probably need to stay until the pandemic is over as declared by the WHO, HHS, and other public health authorities.

  • Right? If they’re not using this for managing staffing costs, I’d be amazed.

  • Andy and M, I really hope you are correct. However, I have now seen 2-3 other headlines pop up that say Disney may want to keep it around for a variety of reasons. One listed detailed plusses that Disney had considered. I cannot fathom keeping it in place for any longer than necessary due to health regulations. It also raises the question as to whether the parks would be opened at night again, a necessity, in my view. Etc…

    Thank you for your feedback to my concerns. 🙂

  • When the girl I dated in high school asked what I wanted to do over spring break, that was NOT a confirmation that we would still be dating come spring break.

    To echo Bambi and M above, Disney has not “officially confirmed” anything here. They’re letting people book hotel rooms thru 2022, so now they’re letting them make DPP reservations for that long as well.

    That is NOT a confirmation that the DPP system will be around for that long. It’s only a confirmation that Disney does not yet know when it will end.

  • Agreed. This smells more like data collection than crowd control. I think they will open up the gates fully and freely the second they get the chance.

  • With all due respect… Just because potential guests are able to make those park reservations through 2022, can we not expect that this restriction might be lifted, along with other restrictive rules – as the course of the COVID situation improves? I certainly hope so.

    • In the real world covid will not disappear until we reach herd immunity, that is nowhere close to being done, so we will have reservations systems in place until we have achieved a strong basis of immunity.

  • I wonder if that means no fastpasses?

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