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WDW Extra Magic Hours Adjusted on March 1 and February 28

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As expected by many, Walt Disney World removed the morning Extra Magic Hours from the Magic Kingdom on March 1, 2012, and added a morning Extra Magic Hour to Epcot on that day.

The assumed reason for this change is because of the One More Disney Day promotion, which involves the Magic Kingdom being open from 6am on February 29 until 6am on March 1.

As a result of the Magic Kingdom losing that bonus hour on March 1, the morning Extra Magic Hour at Epcot on February 28 has been removed and an Extra Magic Hour has been added to the Magic Kingdom on that day.

Our Crowd Calendar will show this change soon. Thanks for using Touring Plans!

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Brian McNichols

In addition to blogging, I also do some analyzin' here at Touring Plans. I am a travel nut, planning nut, Disney nut, wall nut. Husband of 1, father of 2. Hilariously funny in my own mind. Find me on Twitter @YesThatBrian if you like really dumb jokes.

7 thoughts on “WDW Extra Magic Hours Adjusted on March 1 and February 28

  • Brian Noble

    Looks like they also moved the AM EMH that was scheduled at Epcot Tuesday the 28th to Magic Kingdom.

    • Thanks Brian, I hadn’t caught that the first time. I’ve updated the post above to make that change.

      To everyone else reading this, Brian didn’t miss that, it wasn’t there when he read it. 🙂

      • Brian Noble

        No worries. I’m there that week, so I’m a little OCD about it… 🙂

  • Close at 6 am and they can’t reopen at 8? Wusses. 😛

    • I would love for them to say open as well, how cool would it be to see sunrise within the Magic Kingdom?

      • You will still be able to see the sun rise. The Magic Kingdom opens at 6am on February 29th and sunrise is at 6:53am.

  • Marlene

    Wish I was going on that day … March 1st is my birthday 🙂


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