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Walt Disney World to Offer Extra, Extra Magic Hours With Opening of Star Wars: Galaxy

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Are you ready to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World? While the Disneyland version had offered reservations that had to be made to enter the land when Galaxy’s Edge initially opens, at Walt Disney World, there will be no such reservations. Instead, Guests will however, be offering Extra, Extra Magic Hours. Wait….what are those?

Well, Extra Magic Hours allow Guests who are staying at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels, as well as other select hotels (Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, Shades of Green Resort, Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels, Four Seasons Resort Orlando, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek and Waldorf Astoria Orlando) have the opportunity to visit at least one of the four theme parks in the morning one hour before the park opens or in the evening two hours after the park closes to day Guests.

But we all know how crazy Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is going to be when it opens, so to prepare, the Walt Disney World Resort will be offering Extra, Extra Magic Hours. These extra hours will take place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and the Magic Kingdom for a limited time.

To help with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be offering daily Extra, Extra Magic Hours from September 1 through November 2. The park will be open from 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., including Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story Land and select other attractions. Do keep in mind that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and its experiences are subject to capacity.

Also note that on August 29-31, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will open at 6:00 a.m. for all Guests. There will not be Extra, Extra Magic Hours on those days.

Moving over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Extra, Extra Magic Hours will happen daily from August 29 through November 2, from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m., featuring Pandora – The World of Avatar and other attractions throughout the park (same as today’s morning Extra Magic Hours offerings).

At Magic Kingdom, Extra, Extra Magic Hours will happen daily from August 29 through November 2, from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m., featuring favorite attractions in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland (same as today’s morning Extra Magic Hours offerings).

Extra Magic Hours will also continue to be available on select days at Epcot.

Using Extra, Extra Magic Hours will require valid theme park admission and a hotel ID. Guests without the Park Hopper Option or Park Hopper Plus Option must spend the day at the same park where they’d like to enjoy this benefit.

Also, not all Walt Disney World attractions are available with the Extra Magic Hours benefit. Park hours and available attractions are subject to change without notice.


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14 thoughts on “Walt Disney World to Offer Extra, Extra Magic Hours With Opening of Star Wars: Galaxy

  • One thing no one seems to be talking about is maybe Disney is using this to entice more people to book trips? Almost everyone I have talked to has been postponing their vacations until 2020 or 2021 or are choosing Disneyland this year over Disneyworld. Perhaps Disney isn’t getting the numbers they were anticipating in Sept/Oct and are trying to pull more guests in with this EEMH offer? Disney never needs to give anything away for free unless they are trying to pull more numbers, this seems like a missed opportunity for them to have additional paid events like early morning magic but they are giving onsite guests this perk with more time and at no additional charge? Seems like they are trying to pull people in to me.

    • I agree. I’m weird and have been checking room availability during my trip every few days for many weeks and there’s a lot of availability in room categories including standard rooms. I think they are trying to get people to book trips. There’s still availability at Disneyland hotels which guarantees a reservation to get into GE. It took 2 hours to book up the other reservations when their Run Disney tickets often sell out much faster than that. Despite Igers boast that he could just tweet GE is open they keep getting the press in to help them sell GE and even made a video telling people to book a hotel room at Disneyland. I’m sure it will be busy but I’m not convinced it’s going to be the absolute crazy crowds that are expected. If they had just tons of people coming then they would be crazy to pass up on paid events to get into GE.

  • Ugh!!! I wish they would have announced this before I made my ADR’s! Also, 6am is so early 🙁 I’m guessing I will need to be at DHS at least by 5:00am.
    It also leaves with so many questions…
    Are they doing this because they are more booked than they originally anticipated? Will people be lining up at 3am now? What time will restaurants be opening? Will the stress of Galaxy’s Edge opening the week before my vacay give me a nervous break down??

    • I agree that I wish this was known before the 6 month mark! I made ADR’s based on which parks we were planning on, which was based on EMH. Now it will be a bit different and I’m not sure what to expect.

  • I’m also hoping that they are only advertising to 11/2 because they are waiting to announce opening of Rise of the Resistance and that will affect the EEMH times 11/3 onward! 🙂

  • Any thoughts yet on changes to fastpasses for GE? Are there still rumors that the only way to get fastpasses will be to buy them?

  • GE really threw a wrench in our labor day week plans but we’re trying to adjust as needed. after this announcement yesterday i rearranged some things in our itinerary and made some additional ADRs for readjusted days. i was pleasantly surprised that all of the ADRs, including 2 in HS were all still available as of 2 days ago, so that’s a little comforting that the restaurants aren’t filled yet. i’m hoping labor day week stays low before things blow up crowd-wise.

  • They’ve already announced Early Morning Magic for several of these days. How will these overlap? Will Early Morning Magic start at 5:45?

    • They’ve been cancelling EMM during this time period.

  • This is somewhat expected and great news to help disperse the crowds. Our family are early risers and would get to HS every morning of our trip at 5:30 to do 3 hours of Galaxy Edge and then get out … sure Disney is hoping others will feel the same.

    I’m a bit surprised they think they can fill the parks enough to justify daily EEMH at three parks for 2mo + … makes me think the resort hotels are booked pretty heavily already?

    We’ll be at WDW week before Thanksgiving and have been trying to prepare for how crazy that’s going to be – my guess is they’ll do something similar that week – but any thoughts on how much they’ll extend this strategy into the holidays would be appreciated!

  • I’m very anxiously waiting for Brian Nichols to do a You Tube video about all of this. Love his videos. So informative.

    • Ditto.

  • We are in the world from Oct. 13th. till 24th. I already had planned on which date to go to which park, but now I’m confussed. Any idea how the extra, extra magic hours will effect the crowds on each day?

    • I was there last week and hoped for extended hours at night which is when we prefer because less people and less hot. However they only offered morning extra hours 🙁

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