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Disney World Lost and Found

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We all know that sinking feeling when you realize you’ve lost something and have no idea where it is. Luckily, Walt Disney World has created a system that efficiently reconnects items with their owners. Here’s a quick guide to Disney World lost and found to help alleviate that pit in your stomach.

“OH NO! I lost….”


disney lost and found
Theme Park Lost and Found

Something in one of the theme parks/water parks/Downtown Disney

Luckily, most guests at Walt Disney World are honest people who will hand off lost items to a cast member, and cast members keep a watchful eye out for items left behind. Lost items are sent to the guest relations office at the front of each park until the end of the day. The next day, the items are cataloged and sent to the central lost and found location at the Transportation and Ticket Center. High value items are held for 90 days; less valuable items are held for 30 days. You can call 407-824-4245 to check to see if your item is there.

Something on the bus/monorail/watercraft

Items found on the monorail or watercraft are sent to the location they are servicing. Items found on the buses are sent directly to the lost and found at the Transportation and Ticket Center. Items found on the Magical Express buses are sent to Mears. If you just got off the Magical Express bus, the Magical Express Service Center might be able to track down the item.

Something at my resort

Lost items at the resort are brought to the concierge desk. If you lost it after you checked out and moved to another resort, the item can be delivered to the new resort. If you realized you lost it after you went home, the concierge will often offer complimentary shipping of your item to your home address, though this service is not advertised by Disney.

Something at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports

ESPN’s Wide World of Sports has its own lost and found location at Guest Services, so contact the area directly for any lost items.

My child

Disney World lost and found cast member name tag
Teach your kids to look out for cast member name tags. Photo by Maddi Higgins

First of all, don’t panic. Lost children are common at Walt Disney World, so there is no need to be embarrassed or afraid. All cast members are all trained to keep an eye out for lost boys and girls; confused children will quickly be collected. If you misplace your youngster, notify the nearest cast member. The cast members will spring into action to ensure the safety of your kids. Be prepared with a description of your child, the clothes they’re wearing, etc. Lost children in the theme parks are brought to the baby care center, marked on the park map by a pacifier logo. Some parents chose to mark their children with a phone number using a custom-made temporary tattoo, writing it on the back of a celebration button, or just writing on them with a marker. Another good tip is to train your kids to look for cast member name tags. In any case, there is no need to fear; just let the nearest cast member know the situation. You will have your child back in no time.

Disney World Lost and Found Summary

A map for all Disney World lost and found locations can be found on the Disney website. Don’t be afraid to ask a cast member where to look for your item. When you find someone’s lost item, remember to help a fellow Disney fan by turning it in to the nearest cast member.

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Maddi Higgins

Maddi is a full time vacation planner at Magic Kingdom. She is a graduate of the Disney College Program and Disney Professional Internship Program. She is a long-time Disney World fan and her family has been DVC members since 2008. You can see more of her work at maddihiggins.com.

20 thoughts on “Disney World Lost and Found

  • I lost my lanyard with pins on it.

  • My husband found a small camera under a seat at either Disney land or world. 1980- 1986. He developed the pictures, of a handcaped child in a motorized chair. I just found them again and wondered if you have an online website where we could post them or address to send them. We can look for the camera also if we had a person to send to.Something prevented us from leaving it at guest service at the time. I am sorting out my house and refound the pictures. A picture of Donald Duck And Mickey Mouse are included.
    My phone is 315 788 3101 no info was on the camera.
    Thank you if you can help to return a long lost item. Beverly Olney bvrlyone@gmail.com

    • Oh my goodness! That’s such a neat thing. I have no idea how that would work–maybe contact Disney and see what they would suggest? The form to fill out to contact guest relations can be found here:

  • I simply just like the strategies a person deliver in your content articles. Let me take note of a person’s website and also check out once again right here frequently. I’m just slightly positive I will master numerous completely new products proper here! Enjoy for one more!

  • My 8 year old came to WDW last year with a small “fanny-pack” with a few stickers, pen, paper, and about a dozen t trading pins (we bought them in bulk on ebay for the trip for less than $1 apiece). Her first day, in Hollywood Studios, for some reason she took the pack off on Star Tours, then left it under her seat. We figured out she’d left it behind a few minutes after leaving the ride, but it was too late. The pack was gone. Guest Services didn’t have it, either, but they more than compensated. Disney can’t stand to see an eight year old girl not having fun. They took her to the gift shop at the entrance, and let her pick out her six favorite pins (she had the sense to grab all the most expensive ones) and a lanyard. The pleasant woman from Guest Services described it as being “on the Mouse.” The cost of the items was likely more than my daughter’s pack and everything in it combined (even counting retail for the pins).

    Later we checked at the main Lost & Found outside Magic Kingdom, and filled out a report.

    More than two weeks later (a week after getting home from our trip), a packaged arrived in the mail from Walt Disney World, with her fanny pack inside. The “nice” person who turned it in had taken all the pins out, but they left everything else intact. Disney’s Guest Services made the bigger difference on our trip though. I absolutely adore the extras like that. Disney really goes above and beyond in trying to ensure nobody feels like their trip was a bad experience.

  • Halfway home in the minivan one year, my then five year old realized he had left his stuffed monkey (and favorite bed time buddy of all time) in the hotel. Forgetting we were dealing with Disney magic, I did not even call the hotel and assumed it was lost in the laundry forever. A week later, we got a call from a cast member who left a hilarious message saying Monkey had had a very nice time visiting with Mickey and riding the rides, but he was ready to come home now. He arrived two days later in a confetti filled box. My son still talks about it to this day.

  • I hate to continue to be a critic, but there was an article about Lost & Found just less than 5 months ago:

    Lost & Found at Walt Disney World
    by Daisy Lauren on March 19, 2014

    I’m really excited about the new authors on the TouringPlans team, and their fresh points of view. Repetitive articles about the same thing not so much.


    • I did see that article but I wanted to go a little bit more in depth and organize it by location (no offense to Daisy Lauren). Hope you enjoy future articles!

  • Hi Maddi!
    Great Article. The lost child section reminded me of when I was about five and my Dad was so paranoid that my brother or I would wander off and he wouldn’t be able to find us that we drove to the nearby Wal-Mart and he made us these chains, using the provided machine, to wear around our necks with our names and our parents’ mobiles. I think I have seen one of these machines located the pin trading centre in Downtown Disney too.

    Also my brother once saved up his allowance to buy himself a Donald Duck baseball cap. Guess what? He refused to take it off on thunder mountain and it flew away! He was so upset, but obviously there was nothing we could do.
    However, we were about the leave the park when we decided to take a few minutes and pop into guest sevices to explain the situation. Kieran still hadn’t recovered and was red eyed so the lovely lady behind the desk just handed him a replacement! The cheered him up!
    Alex x

  • I just wish the lost and found had a little bit of themeing. I mean, it doesn’t need to be much, but if you’re heading to the lost and found, you’re probably having a pretty rough trip, and it would be nice if you could walk into a building a bit more magical than a cinderblock bunker.

  • My husband left his “man bag” on Soarin’. He went back immediately after riding to get it, and no one could find it. We thought it was gone for sure, including his ID, cash, and high end sunglasses. But it turned up at the main lost and found in the TTC, all contents intact. So don’t give up, even if it’s not where you think it would be.

  • We lost an autograph book at a character breakfast once, and could not find it. Two weeks later it arrived in the mail, as we had put our address in it.

    On the other hand, a child accidentally dropped her cellphone into the Jungle River river. That one never showed up. 🙂

    • There’s a probably a Peter Pan-style croc with a phone in its belly in the Jungle Cruise river.

  • My daughter left her blanket behind on a trip. We didn’t realize it until we had left Disney and were in Philadelphia.

    I called the next morning, the day after we had checked out. They asked what resort & room number. Told them. After about 2-3 minutes, they came back and said they had it and I could pick it up at any time.

    Explained I was in Philadelphia on the way back to MA. So they said they would mail it to our house.

    It arrived there with a note from Mickey saying he found it and was sending it back.

    It was very quick and efficient.

  • Agree Mike! They are great! My hubby dropped his phone while taking pictures on Buzz in MK. Although the CMs couldnt stop the ride to look for it, they did put on night-vision goggles and walked the ride where my husband lost it. We rode the PeopleMoving while they looked…only 2 trips around the PeopleMover loop and they had found it!

    Maddi – Love the U of Md badge. Go Terps!

    • Very cool about the night-vision goggles! Never heard of CMs doing that.

      Let’s go Maryland!

  • They are great about it too… We lost some shoes in the park one time – reported it and a week after we returned home they showed up in our mailbox…

    • We’ve lost a treasured, sentimental hat of my son’s. Filed a lost and found report, never received a response.

      • Not were we lost was lost these!! Pandora charms!! It has 3 charms in one box. 2 were clamps charms with red heart ❤ stone. And last one was the new disney pumpkin .
        Please let me know if any one finds it. This was a gift brought by my austic daughter

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