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Disneyland Resort Crowd Calendar Update – April 2021

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Disneyland is Opening!

On April 30, 2021, Disneyland will reopen to Californians for the first time since March 13, 2020. The Disneyland Crowd Calendar now reflects what we expect in the first few months after opening. Beware that there is more guesswork than usual with these updates. It is difficult to know exactly how attractions will operate at Disneyland and how many people will buy up the single park and park hopper tickets. Most days in May and June have sold out, but not all. We also expect the capacity limits to change with little notice depending on the rates of COVID-19 positive test rates for neighboring counties. However, from everything we know right now, including what we saw at Orlando parks when they reopened, the Disneyland Resort crowd levels will be low, mostly ‘1’s and ‘2’s.

How To Get Tickets

If you live in California and want to book a park reservation, Rikki has all the details in this article here.

Attraction Operations

The Disneyland Crowd Calendar is based on average wait times at key attractions between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Although most rides will be open, they won’t necessarily operate at full operational capacity. Social distancing guidelines by California’s Health and Human Services Agency will affect the loading process and spacing for many attractions. This means that even with a small number of people allowed in the park, wait times won’t be zero. We aren’t predicting any substantial waits in the first few months, but we will know more once it official opens in 11 days. For now, we are updating dates through July 1 – after that we prefer to assume wait times will be back to normal until we know more. That might be optimistic, but we just can’t know yet.

For a list of what is open, check out Rikki’s other write-up here.

Posted vs. Actual Wait Times

When we say that the Disneyland Crowd Calendar is based on average wait times, we mean average posted times. Devotees remember that the time you wait in line is often much less than what the sign says out front. We call this the “actual time”, and we stats folk spend most of our time trying to predict what that actual time will be. If you are in the parks and see a big difference between what the posted time says and what our Lines app predicts for the actual time don’t fret – trust our numbers; they’re almost always closer to what you will experience than the posted time.

Disneyland Common Areas

The lack of space at Disneyland Park gives it its charm, but may also prove to be a challenge for keeping guests spaced apart during their day. We are curious to see how Disneyland will organize interior and exterior queues since it may impact our predictions for wait time too. Often guests who see a long snaking line out front don’t get in line. If Lines predicts a short wait, get in line – and you’re welcome.

We are so excited to see the Disneyland Resort reopen. It has been a long wait. If you plan to be in the parks, show us your plan and how you plan to reunite with your favorite rides. If you can’t be in the parks (like me) then feel free to live through our social media squad. We plan to broadcast on all our channels before during and after the reopening.

Are you excited about the reopening of Disneyland? Have any guesses about what those first few days will be like? Let us know in the comments.

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