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Disneyland’s New Pixar Place Hotel Review

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Pixar Place Hotel is now open at Disneyland Resort. Pixar Place Hotel is a retheming/rebranding of the existing Paradise Pier Hotel. Pixar Place is the “cheaper” hotel of Disneyland Resort’s three on-site hotels, but it’s still pretty pricy to stay there, with prices ranging from $350-$550 a night. Is the cost of staying in the “Disney Bubble” worth it? Keep reading our review to find out.

Taking a look at the outside, the hotel has received a new white paint job with some hints of color. This is an upgrade from the previous beige colorway. This hotel building has existed in some form since 1984, but Disney didn’t obtain the property until 1995 when it became Disneyland Pacific Hotel. It was then rethemed again in 2000 with the opening of Disney’s California Adventure.

Upon entering you’ll find a giant Luxo Jr. balancing on the Pixar ball. Seating was added in this area, which is nice. Look up and you’ll see a mobile with abstract renditions of Pixar characters.

Pixar art adorns the walls behind the check in desk.

More seating has been added to the lobby along with this nice Finding Nemo collage.

Throughout the lobby are these display cases with maquettes of characters from the various Pixar films.

Another look at the Finding Nemo collage. It’s nice to see the art around the hotel is stylized and not just screenshots from the movies.

Periodically in the lobby Joe Gardner from Soul does a performance on the piano. This is such a nice surprise.

A fun hidden thing to discover is this Mike Wazowski decal on a sliding door at the entrance. Mike is on a panel that is one color, and then when the door slides open he goes behind another differently colored piece of glass. The two panels combine to create a green Mike Wazowski.

One perk of staying at the Pixar Place Hotel is an exclusive meet and greet with Bing Bong from Inside Out. When we stayed on opening day, he was meeting for 30 minutes at the top of every hour, but this may change during your stay. Be sure to ask early in your visit so you don’t miss him.

One more thing before we get to the room: we have to mention the elevators. Paradise Pier Hotel was notorious for slow elevator service, especially at night after the parks close. A touchpad computer system was implemented a few years back, which has helped the issue, but it’s by no means speedy. To use the elevators you first select which floor you want to go to on the touchpad, then the screen will tell you which elevator to use to reach your floor.

Fun fact: Most hotels in the US do not have a 13th floor due to superstitious reasons. When the building that now houses Pixar Place Hotel was first built, it was owned by a Japanese company. Japan does not share the 13th floor superstition, so the hotel had a 13th floor from the beginning. Disney never changed this, and the 13th floor still remains.

If you’re lucky you may get sent to elevator D, which is a glass elevator overlooking Disney California Adventure. This elevator also has a decal of the house from Up on its window.

16 Pixar character silhouettes are embedded in the lobby floor and elevators. These are a nod to similar floor details found at the Pixar Animation Studios headquarters.

Here’s a look at a standard room at Pixar Place Hotel. The room features a king size bed and a sofa with pull out queen bed. Another configuration of the room features two queen beds and a twin sized sofa.

Another look at the bed and sofa. This standard room was big. Possibly slightly bigger than standard rooms at Grand Californian and much bigger than rooms at Disneyland Hotel. Lighting has been dramatically improved and the best part is every light is adjustable via several dimmer switches.

The bed is a bit on the firm side, which I like. The pillows are soft, but not too soft. On each side of the bed there are power outlets, USB-C, and USB-A plugs to charge your devices. There’s also lamps with switches.

Here’s the couch. It’s red. You can sit on it.

In front of the window there’s a big open space with room to pull out the couch bed.

The wall facing the couch is blank, which should provide enough room for everyone to place their luggage.

Here’s a closeup look at the Pixar character art on the wall facing the couch.

Here’s one of the two nightstands. Each has two big drawers. The other night stand has an alarm clock with wireless charging pad on top.

At the foot of the bed you’ll find the desk with safe, drawers and a chair. The desk provides ample space to work and a chair that is comfortable enough to sit in while you type out a hotel review for a successful theme park planning website.

Each room has this screen accurate Luxo Jr. lamp. It does move (not on its own) and actually provides light. Don’t get any funny ideas, it’s bolted down.

The bathroom door slides to reveal a full length mirror. Functional!

The closet has plenty of room to hang clothes along with several hangers. Also inside the closet is an ironing board, iron, extra pillows, and a blanket.

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times now, but functionality keeps coming to mind as I review Pixar Place Hotel. Whether it be the high amount of outlets for charging devices, excellent lighting, and ample storage space. This trend continues in the bathroom where a large sink area provides enough room for a group of four to easily place their belongings.

The walk-in shower provides a good amount of room to move around in.

Body wash, shampoo and conditioner are bolted to the shower wall.

Cute Luca placard reminding us all to conserve water.

The do not disturb card is also cute.

Outside of the bathroom and next to the closet is a Keurig coffee maker and ice bucket. In the drawers you’ll find K-Cups, to go coffee cups with lids, and Pixar Place Hotel-branded condiment kits.
Another drawer houses glasses.

Views facing East look into Disney California Adventure, while views facing West face the surrounding Anaheim neighborhoods, Downtown Disney parking lots, and Pixar Place Hotel’s Finding Nemo-themed water play area and pool complex.

Speaking of the pool complex, it’s surrounded by a lovely outdoor seating area, some of which is covered.

Some seats are located near Pixar character fire pits.

The area looks even better a night.

Another fireplace is located behind the pool bar.

Here’s a look at the pool up close. It’s a standard rectangle shaped pool, but it gets the job done.

And a look at the water play area.

Also outside on the pool deck are a few Pixar themed games to play. One of the games is shuffleboard.

The cutest game is Bao Toss.

Look how adorable the bean bags are for Bao Toss.

You toss the baos into a bamboo steamer.

You can also play chess and checkers on the pool deck.

Heading back inside you’ll find Stor-E, which is the hotel’s gift shop. Some Pixar Place Hotel-branded items are available for purchase.

Other than that the store contains the usual Disneyland and character merchandise.

Also just outside of the lobby is The Sketch Pad Cafe, which is open 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Here you’ll find breakfast items, quick bites, drinks, and snacks.

Arguably the biggest perk of staying at Pixar Place Hotel is the exclusive entrance into Disney California Adventure. This saves a lot of walking and really comes in handy at the end of a long day in the parks.

Once you head through the entrance you’ll find yourself next to Corn Dog Castle and near The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. If you’re staying at Pixar Place Hotel be sure to make use of your Early Entry perk via this entrance.

Before we wrap this up here’s a look at Pixar Place Hotel’s fitness center.

Overall the upgrades from Paradise Pier Hotel to Pixar Place Hotel are substantial. Visuals and theming have been improved but most importantly functionality has as well. There are undoubtedly many cheaper options that are a closer walking distance to the Disneyland, but if you have the extra cash and are determined to stay in the ” Disney bubble” you probably won’t be disappointed.

Let me know what you think about the changes to Pixar Place Hotel. Do you think the perks are worth the price? Leave a comment below.




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