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Duffy the Disney Bear to Leave Epcot

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Now it’s time to say goodbye…to Duffy the Disney Bear…state-side anyway. Duffy’s last day to meet guests will be on October 3 at the gazebo near Showcase Plaza in Epcot.

Duffy the Disney Bear is one of the most polarizing characters at Walt Disney World; people either loved him or hated him. (Maybe the better analogy is that it’s more that people could care less about him.) However for those who visit the Tokyo Disneyland Resort, it was clear to see that Duffy was the bees knees. He is almost as popular as Mickey Mouse and his popularity has even spawned off two other companions, Shellie May (Duffy’s best friend) and Gelatoni (a cat who paints.) What makes these characters stand out is that they all have faces that are shaped like Mickey’s.

Tom Bricker actually shared a fascinating piece about just how Duffy came to be, what his role became here in the United States, and what his impact is on Tokyo Disneyland Resort. If you’re curious, make sure to give it a read.

Duffy originally debuted at Epcot on October 14, 2010.

Taking Duffy’s place will be Daisy Duck, who will begin meeting guests on October 4.

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11 thoughts on “Duffy the Disney Bear to Leave Epcot

  • This may seem silly, but he’s my absolute favourite. I adore him, and was so looking forward to having a collection of pictures with him in his seasonal outfits. I’m actually confused by people who dislike him so much; I mean, he’s a huge, huggable, adorable teddy bear! No one *has* to meet with him, or buy the merch, but he does make some guests very happy. I liked that he fit with the theme of Epcot in that he sails the seven seas with Mickey on his voyages. And Daisy fits this concept how, exactly? I don’t have anything against her, but it’s a meet and greet you can get at other parks easily. It’s a shame that they haven’t thought to put a character like this with adorable seasonal outfits that coincide with their hard ticket parties in a position to meet at them. It’s just another meet and greet I was so looking forward to this fall that is no more. I thought at least surely Baymax would be around for the year, but nope. No princes and minimal villains to meet at the Halloween party. It’s a huge bummer for me to have my favourite character gone in addition to those. 🙁

  • *hoping

  • Oh, so sad!!!
    I was even trying to book a quick trip out, so that our youngest could get a photo with Duffy!! It’s not possible, but I’m we can still see him @ specialty events.

  • My husband and I love Duffy, I don’t really know why, but we do. I’m not concerned about the meet and greet going away, but what I am wondering is if they are still going to sell his merchandise? We like to collect a little Duffy merch on most of our trips and we are going to be disappointed if they stop selling it. I’m assuming they will stop, but I’ve heard varying reports on this, was wondering if y’all knew?

  • I have no kids, but I always enjoyed watching Duffy interact at his spot in Epcot. There’s something very sweet about him.

    Even if he didn’t appear in any films or shows, we still had his back story that he was Mickey’s friend and companion. It was such a nice story, too.

  • Oh no! This is so sad! My kids fell in love watching the Duffy goodnight show that is played on tv at Disney resort hotels. Now we always bring a Duffy and our Duffy book on our trips. We had never met him and were hoping to this Spring- darn!!!

  • My entire problem with Duffy is that he doesn’t *belong* anywhere. There are no movies, no cartoons, no Disney entertainment that incorporates Duffy. (If I’m wrong on this, please post, but whatever does exist, if anything, is clearly not mainstream in the US/Canada.) He’s not even part of a ride, like Figment. He’s just a character that was manufactured purely for the purpose of selling merchandise, and I have no personal attachment to him.

    Now a character that is part of a movie I love (such as the ones in Toy Story) is someone in whom I have an interest, would be willing to visit ‘in person’ and perhaps someone whose merchandise I might buy. But there’s no emotional connection with Duffy, and therefore no reason to care.

  • Noooooooooo!!!! We love Duffy. My kids will be so disappointed. Will they still carry Duffy merchandise?

  • What about the Duffy crafts at each country?

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