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2022 EPCOT Festival of Holidays: Tangierine Cafe Review

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Tangierine Cafe in Morocco has morphed from a Quick Service to a Festival staple. In addition to consistent food quality, it offers more seating than the average Festival stop.

Our recommendation: an outstanding pick. So many indoor and outdoor seating options, really lovely and reasonably priced food, and one of the best cocktails ever. The freshness and quality of the food also make this a must-stop for us.

Booth Overview

Chermoula Chicken Kebab, Stone-Baked Bread, and Fig Cocktail


  • Grilled Kebabs with Carrot-Chickpea Salad and Garlic Aïoli
    – Lamb Kefta 🇬 – $5.75
    – Chermoula Chicken 🇬 – $5.75
  • Stone-baked Moroccan Bread – $5
    – with Hummus, Chermoula and Zhoug Dip


  • 3 Daughters Brewing Cranberry Cider – $5.50
    – St. Petersburg, FL
  • Woodchuck Winter Chill Hard Cider – $5.50
    – Middlebury, VT
  • Ciderboys Mad Bark Hard Cider – $5.50
    – Stevens Point, WI
  • Fig Cocktail – $11.50
    – with Sparkling Wine, Fig Vodka and Cranberry Juice
  • Cider Flight – $10

Our Thoughts

Best of the Booth

The food is great here but our best bet pick is a drink. The Fig Cocktail, $11.50, is one of our most favorite drinks from any Epcot festival! It’s sweet and so pretty and the rosemary sprig offers you the scent of winter with each sip. Outstanding.

Rest of the Booth

Other excellent options are the Chermoula Chicken, and the Stone-baked Moroccan Bread. One of the reasons that we love this kitchen so much is because they make everything right inside the building. Many other kitchens only make a few things on-site and some of the items are prepped backstage and hauled over. The chicken (and the lamb) literally comes off the grill and is popped on your plate so it’s always hot and wonderful. The same with the bread – it’s just off the grill so it’s all puffy and steamy and soft and lovely.

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