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2022 EPCOT Festival of Holidays: Shanghai Holiday Kitchen Review

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Tucked into the China Pavilion, the Shanghai Holiday Kitchen serves popular Chinese flavors.

Our recommendation: We haven’t had the best things to say about China’s offerings over the last few Festivals. The menus have seemed like an afterthought and the food equally uninspired. We’re happy to say that this one is different, and we really enjoyed the dishes here.

Booth Overview

Chicken Skewer, Beef and Noodle Soup Bowl, Vegetable Spring Rolls, and Panda Bubble Tea


  • Chicken Skewer – $6.75
    – with Creamy Peanut Sauce
  • Beef and Noodle Soup Bowl – $9.25
    – with Slow-braised Beef Shank, Green Onion and House-made Chili Oil
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls – $5.25
    – with Citrus Sauce


  • Panda Bubble Tea (nonalcoholic) – $8.25
    – Classic Milk Tea with Black and White Boba
  • Lucky Foo Pale Ale – $5.25
  • Kung Fu Master – $14.50
    – with Tito’s Vodka, Triple Sec, Mango, Orange Juice and Soda Water
  • Marco Boba – $13.50
    – with Amaretto, Iced Coffee, Whole Milk and Boba Pearls
  • The Lucky Mo – $13.75
    – with SKYY Infusions Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Piña Colada Mix, Orange Juice and Soda Water

Our Thoughts

Best of the Booth

The Beef and Noodle Soup Bowl, $9.25, is expensive – but it made our Best $50 list anyway because it’s enormous and worth every cent. Don’t be put off by the Chili Oil in the description: this dish is mild enough for kids but flavorful enough that anyone will enjoy it. Everyone we have taken to the Festival has tried this wonderful dish and loved it so much.

Rest of the Booth

The Chicken Skewer is a bit spicy (but not too spicy for kids) with a sweet, peanut sauce. Along with the noodle bowl, we hope this returns next year.

The Vegetable Spring rolls are fine, but they’re dull next to this kitchen’s other dishes and what you can get at the rest of the Festival. If you’re a completionist who is trying everything they won’t make you sorry, but you can totally skip them.

If you’re a boba fan, the Panda Bubble Tea is great. Not too sweet and a nice size for the price.

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