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Fancy Nancy Charms with Makeover and Meet and Greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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The Animation Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a simply splendid (splendid is fancy for great) addition! Oui! Oui! Fancy Nancy and her clubhouse are the very first character meet and greet location as you enter the Courtyard!

The frilly and energetic Disney Junior star will sign autographs (in a very glamorous way, of course), twirl, strike dainty and elegant poses, and give hugs to any guest she greets!

The queue is partially covered and is perked up a bit by the Fancy Nancy tunes being piped in that any fan is sure to know. While it feels like the star makes every effort to have a special connection or moment with each guest, the other cast members on hand ensure autograph books are out, parents are standing in the right spot for optimal shots, and the entire process generally moves at a steady clip.

Those wishing to dress for the occasion can stop in at the gift shop directly across from Nancy’s Clubhouse! There you can find a full Fancy Nancy costume, including wings and tiara, for $49.99 + tax or spend a bit less and get one of the 3 face paint makeovers on offer.

The Magnifique is $20, the Ooh La La is $22, and the Fantastique is $18. All 3 face paint options include hair glitter that is guaranteed to remain through several washings. (Not really. It just feels that way. Parenting tip: Dawn dish soap can help remove that glitter when it comes time to wash it out.)








Are your kids Fancy Nancy fans? Would your kids be interested in a Fancy Nancy makeover? Let us know in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Fancy Nancy Charms with Makeover and Meet and Greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • How do we book the makeover?

  • Any idea if Fancy Nancy and the makeover will still be available in November? We LOVE Fancy Nancy!

  • Our daughter would love a Fancy Nancy makeover! We’re visiting the first week in June. Does it hold up in the heat? Thank you,

  • Can you meet her without doing the makeover? I have a big Fancy Nancy fan in my house and she’s going to be so excited to see that meeting her is now an option. But, I’d really like to pass on the makeover

    • The makeover and the meet & greet are separate experiences. You can absolutely meet Nancy without getting the makeover.


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