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Find Your Cheapest Disney World Discount Tickets

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Four-day tickets for a family of 4 at Disney World can run you over two thousand dollars, and that’s before tax. Never fear, TouringPlans is here! There are ways to cut down that price, and our Least Expensive Ticket Calculator can help. Read on for the full scoop.

How-to Walkthrough

Let’s take a super-fast look at how the ticket calculator works, and then I’ll show you how it helps you save. You’ll head to the ticket calculator, and enter the number of people, number of days, start and end dates of your park visit. That information is required and we can’t find anything without it. Make a few more selections about how you plan to visit the parks, and tap “Find My Best Priced Tickets” to see the results.

What Goes Into Your Savings

I’ve zoomed in on the first set of results so we can have a look. The big number here isn’t the one at the top – $2,451.64 – it’s the one right below it. Your savings of $270 by using our suggestions is a 10% discount off the tickets you might buy without us. What goes into that savings? Let’s take a look.

Savings from third-party vendors

Most of the savings (in this case, about 70%) come from using authorized third-party resellers. We must be clear: if you drive around Orlando and stop at a storefront advertising “Disney and Universal ticketz, cheep!”, you will get ripped off. Your odds are not great on Craigslist either. However, Disney does provide tickets to authorized resale companies, and those vendors can offer tickets at a discount from the gate price.

All of the companies that we recommend through the Ticket Calculator are legitimate ticket vendors that will deliver what you order. You will not get scammed when you buy tickets from these sellers. You will get real tickets that you can link to My Disney Experience and use to enter the Disney World parks.

Despite reassurances, there may be reasons why you don’t want to use a third-party vendor. That’s OK, $84 worth of the $270 is available even if you buy from Disney’s website. That savings comes from our other two cost-cutting strategies.

We select the correct tickets and add-ons for you

If you plan to visit the water parks, you could buy one of the two ticket types that let you visit both theme parks and water parks. Or you could buy a separate water park ticket, which is recommended here. The least expensive choice will depend on:

  • How many days you plan to go to the water parks
  • How many days you plan to go to the parks overall
  • Whether you plan to visit more than one park in a day

On Disney’s site, it’s easy to pick options that feel simple but may end up costing more. But if separate water park tickets is what makes the most sense for your trip, then that’s what we’ll suggest. And if we recommend a single ticket, you can have confidence that it’s the cheapest option.

We can also recommend when to consider an Annual Pass, when to buy Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus add-ons, and more.

We select the correct start dates

The price of Disney tickets changes based on the date that you select when you purchase them. But you don’t have to use the whole ticket on consecutive days. For instance, you have 7 days from the start date to use a 4-day ticket. The Ticket Calculator will recommend the correct start date to save you money, while still getting in all your days in the park.

In this example search, the first day in the park is July 29, and the last day is August 1. The Ticket Calculator recommends a start date of July 27. If you follow the link and compare prices on the third-party site, you’ll see that you save about $2 per ticket with the earlier start date. If you were buying directly from Disney, the earlier date would save you about $10 per ticket. And these tickets will still be good through August 2, so they cover all your days in the park.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer this amazing tool for free?

We may make a small commission when you use the links that we provide. We don’t consider our profit when we find your best tickets.

However, a TouringPlans subscription will give you access to other features, like our Crowd Calendar and Room Request tools. If you wanted to put some of your ticket savings towards a subscription, we wouldn’t be upset.

Why doesn’t the price at the vendor site match what you showed?

This could happen for one of two reasons.

  1. You may see lower prices using our links because some vendors have given slightly reduced prices to our customers in return for us sending them business. If you go directly to the vendor site without using our links, the prices could be higher than we showed you.
  2. On rare occasions, even if you use our links, you might find different prices due to recent changes at the vendor that haven’t been picked up by the Ticket Calculator yet.
Why do you show more than one option?

Don’t forget to scroll down; we usually show up to three recommendations. We list the cheapest one first, but maybe you have a loyalty link with one of the other vendors that will get you an additional discount. Maybe you don’t like the return policy of the vendor listed in our first suggestion. We know that you might have reasons to prefer another vendor if there’s only a few dollars difference.

What if I don’t want to buy separate water park tickets?

Our recommendations are merely suggestions. You are welcome to decide that less tapping on your phone is worth spending a few extra dollars. We understand that sometimes simplicity is worth more than money.

Does TouringPlans guarantee my tickets?

No. Once you leave our site and decide to buy from a specific seller, your purchasing process will be governed by the policies and procedures of that vendor. We are helping you find the vendor with the cheapest price for your ticket. After that, it’s between you and them.

The savings in this example was 10%, will it always be exactly that number?

No. Savings on Disney World tickets of about 10% are fairly typical if you are willing to use third-party vendors. But not every trip is the same. Even in this example, the savings from a start date adjustment wouldn’t be possible if you were visiting the parks over a whole week.

Are these absolutely guaranteed to be the cheapest available tickets?

We wish we could say yes, but the answer is no. As mentioned, sometimes a seller changes prices, and the Ticket Calculator does not update instantly. You could find a price that is slightly out of date.

Also, we monitor prices at several third-party resellers; the full list of vendors can be found on the Ticket Calculator page. But, we don’t guarantee that we monitor every authorized third-party reseller, and it’s possible that an outfit we don’t check could have cheaper tickets. The difference is likely to be only a few dollars per ticket; if you find a site offering very much lower prices then it is likely a scammer. Proceed with extreme caution.

Finally, some groups or special circumstances may give you access to cheaper tickets. For example, if your employer has an arrangement with an outfit that offers certain employee perks and Disney World tickets are one of them, those tickets could be cheaper. You’ll need to investigate those options on your own; the Ticket Calculator only lists tickets that anyone can buy.

Do you have questions about the Least Expensive Ticket Calculator? Let us know in the comments!

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