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First Look: A Photo Tour of Gran Destino Tower

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This week is the “Gran” opening for Disney’s newest hotel, the Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs, and this hotel is certainly set to turn more than a few heads. First, it’s massive in size. You cannot miss this as you drive by. But second, and more noticeable up close, this hotel offers touches that may have you wondering if this is still a moderate resort.

We’ll have more in-depth coverage and reviews of this resort and its amenities in the future on the blog, our YouTube channel, and our social media outlets, but in the meantime, here’s a photo walkthrough of Gran Destino Tower.


From this quick photo tour, what would you like to hear more about at this resort? Let us know in the comments.

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Julia Mascardo

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8 thoughts on “First Look: A Photo Tour of Gran Destino Tower

  • Is there a refrigerator in the rooms?

  • Will the check in area remain in the same location or move to the tower? If it moves will room categories change as well?

  • I’m so excited for our end of September trip. We decided a couple of weeks ago to go for the final Illuminations. I originally booked the Sports but when I saw the Grand Destino was going to be opened (and it’s a 5 night trip rather than our normal 21 night annual spring trip) I decided to go for it. I’m hoping by September all the new hotel hiccups will be worked out.

  • Is that a Kerug type coffee machine? Perhaps we can look forward to those being incorporated in all of the resorts!

  • I agree, a Spanish-themed hotel in a Southwest/Mexico themed resort doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s exceptionally pretty, though.

    But holy hell, soap dispensers in what they’re promoting as a high-end hotel?

    • Did some looking, and saw some pictures online of similar (if not the same) soap dispensers being used at the Four Seasons, and as nice as this hotel is, it’s no Four Seasons. 😉

  • i feel like this has totally ruined the feel of coronado springs. the theme of the resort is southwest- where is the southwest in this tower? “barcelona” is european, not southwestern. the colors are all wrong. dislike all of this, quite frankly.

  • Curious if this changes the order of the bus stops for the resort.

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