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FIRST LOOK: The Beautiful Moana Rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

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Today was opening day for many of the guest rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, including the new Moana-themed rooms. Although many Disney fans have expressed concern about the delicate balance between too much Disney theme (making it garish and cringe-worthy) or too little Disney theme (making it generic and bland), we’re pleased to report that the Moana rooms strike exactly the right balance. You know that you’re in a room with a Disney theme, and there is a lot of themed decor here, however it never feels over-the top. In addition. the new color palate and striking flooring really brighten up the room. Here’s some first-look photos from today.

What do you think of these newly renovated rooms? Let us know in the comments.

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Julia Mascardo

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3 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: The Beautiful Moana Rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

  • I dig it! Modern with a touch of endearing campy. It’s like a 4 star Lee’s Hawaiian Islander.

    Job well done though I agree it’s a bit awkward getting to the toilet (a common morning conundrum). What’s inside the other 2 closet doors? Porta-potty haha. Great to see it open under the beds now, good place to store luggage and quickly toss our merch bags inside to keep the room neat. They’ve followed that trend with wall mounted bedside tables. Love that too! Really opens up the floor space and gives the room an more airy feel.

  • Hi! I really love the rooms but Disney did not think it through by putting a see-through shower in the same vicinity as the sinks. For a mother of teenagers like me, who needs privacy, that means my kids can’t use the toilet or sinks while I take a shower. And vice-versa. Frosted doors would be better.

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