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Foto Fridays – SpaceShip Earth Attraction Walthrough

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Here at, we’re constantly striving to improve your experience when touring the parks. One fairly recent addition to facilitate higher quality guest experiences is attraction photo galleries. Our idea behind these galleries is to provide first-time visitors to the attraction with an idea of what they might expect from the attraction. In so doing, we want to provide a visual representation of whether the attraction might be too scary or dark for young children, have too dull of a queue for long waits in line (although if you’re following a touring plan and using our other resources, why would you be waiting in line?), or contain something else a guest might want to see before getting in line for the attraction. Alternatively, if you have visited the attraction before, the galleries (hopefully) provide nice photos to view!

SpaceShip Earth Non-HDR "HDR"

One of my favorite galleries thus far is of SpaceShip Earth.

EPCOT Center - SpaceShip Earth Fountain (Night)

As you see below, SpaceShip Earth doesn’t have much as far as exciting queues go. It’s pretty much just metal dividers. I suppose you could count the underside of the geosphere as eye-candy, in which case it’s a neat queue, but you can see this without getting in line for the attraction, so I don’t think it qualifies. About the only thing of interest in the queue is the painting to the right of the queue visible right as you enter the show building to board your time machine.

Our Amazing Journey Aboard Our Wide-Angle SpaceShip Earth

Once you enter the building, you almost immediately step onto a moving platform and enter a ride vehicle affectionately known as a “time machine.” Then, you begin your ascent into the history of communication, in almost complete dark, with the only light coming from your in-vehicle touch screen and a camera flash that captures your image for use during the descent. It is highly recommended that you make a funny face for this photo. Doing so will give the end of the ride marginal entertainment value.

EPCOT's SpaceShip Earth - Michelangelo Paints the Sistine Chapel

The darkness in the ascent is really the only potential issue in the attraction; that is, unless re-purposed Audio Animatronics of Presidents give you scary flashbacks of grade school history class.

Ultra Wide Angle SSE

The scenes that follow give vignettes of different eras and/or events in the history of communication. These scenes are typically well done and entertaining. Judi Dench provides a narrative that, while possibly ‘dumbed down’ from previous scripts by legends Walter Cronkite and Jeremy Irons, is fairly powerful.

Walt Disney World - EPCOT Center - SpaceShip Earth

Following these vignettes, the ride goes downhill. Both figuratively and literally. You will first be asked a series of questions regarding your dreams of the future.  Assuming you made the funny faces as previously advised, the interactive touch screen story that follows will be marginally entertaining. Hopefully, at least. If not don’t count on being entertained by what is happening outside of your time machine, as nothing there are no show scenes. All that surrounds the vehicle is chicken wire and triangles with glowing edges.

When the touch screen story concludes its prognostication of your future life, you exit the time rover in the same manner you entered it, onto a moving platform. Following that, the attraction unloads into “Project Tomorrow” an interactive game area that proves surprisingly entertaining. If you’ve pre-maturely written this off as silly kid’s games, I would advise you to re-consider. These games are actually quite entertaining.

So there you have it. A visual Cliff Notes of SpaceShip Earth. As we continue to undertake the project of adding galleries to each attraction in the coming weeks and months, we hope you’ll keep checking our attraction pages to see our progress.

The Dawn of a New Disney Era

Even if you’ve been on most attractions thousands of times, who knows, maybe you’ll click upon a gallery of an attraction you’ve never thought to visit, only to find from the pictures that it actually looks pretty interesting!

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  • Hi, Len.

    We are planning our next trip to WDW for this year. We credit Touring Plans with many successful trips despite traveling with our family of 9. We have always found September the ideal time to avoid crowds and feel comfortable that we won’t lose one of our youngers. With baby number 9 on the way late this Summer, we feel we must make our trip a little later or earlier. We are considering early March or early November. We usually stay fourteen days so we don’t feel we have to pound the parks all day every day for a week (which the one time we did it left my hubby and I feeling we couldn’t return for at least three years.☺) Now, I have been over the crowd calendars and done lots of comparison but I am still in a quandary. March would be an easier trip for us (pre-baby) however, the crowd numbers are higher. In your experience what is the difference in comfort levels with the crowds/lines between March and November compared to September? As difficult as it is maneuverering WDW with a newborn, we’ve done it twice before and would rather do that than deal with long lines and big crowds!

    I would much appreciate your input!


    • Hi Kathleen,

      I will forward this question along to the appropriate individuals for you!


    • Hey Kathleen,

      Congratulations! And thanks very much! September is going to be the least-crowded month by a long shot. Your next-best week would be the first week of November, but things pick up in the second week.

      March is the most crowded of the three times you’ve selected, since spring break begins around the middle of the month. You may want to hold off until November, if you can. The weather will still be reasonably warm, and if you get an early start in the parks it’ll seem uncrowded.

      Let me know if this isn’t clear, please. Good luck!


      • Thanks, Len. That is just what I was looking for. Can I ask you another? We’ve always avoided the water parks because of having too many little ones. This year all our youngers can swim and we’d like to check them out. I am wondering, though, is there a “season” for the water parks? Meaning will we freeze to death in March or November or is it staged like all things Disney and climate controlled?



  • Very nice! Especially great shot of the queue area. I’ll have to see if some are hi-res enough to use as PC backgrounds….

    • If you click on the photo you want to use, it will take you to that photo’s Flickr page. From there, click “Actions>View All Sizes” and then “Download” (the appropriate size). You might have to re-size it for your screen. Hope that helps!

  • Thanks ! Made me realize that there are pictures now for the attractions ! Great !!!! I think you became the greatest web site for Disney World planning !!!


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