Disney News Recap (week of 1/10/11)

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This is a guest post by Aaron Johnston of Disney Report – The latest Disney news from the World, Land, and Studios. You can also following D-Report on Twitter.

Disney News Recap (week of 1/10/11)

A big story out of WDW this week centers around the much maligned Enchanted Tiki Room attraction at Magic Kingdom. Earlier this week, fire damaged key elements of the attraction. Because of it’s unpopularity, some are questioning if WDW will take the time to correct the many of the shortcomings of this once classic attraction…

…also, many minor construction projects continue around the Magic Kingdom including a new Adventureland bridge and the beginning of facade work on the upcoming Little Mermaid attraction.

…a press event is scheduled for 1/18 for the announcement of Fantasyland expansion changes and 2011 Let the Memories Begin park promotion elements.

At Hollywood Studios, a rehashed, slightly dumbed-down version of Block Party Bash passes for the recently debuted Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun day parade…

…Tower of Terror also continues to undergo a facade refurb along with minor meet-n-greet construction projects around the park.

Wild Animal Trek is the first semi-major thing to happen at Animal Kingdom since Expedition Everest. An up-charge private tour, Wild Animal Trek combines an extreme trek through the African plains and an extended tour, viewing of the savannah. Check out the extensive pics, vids available from the media preview tours…

Across town, Universal’s Wizarding World continues to remake the Orlando theme park landscape. The Orlando Sentinel says Potter will likely remain the major Orlando draw for 2011 while the New York Times comments on WDW’s lack of a counter punch to Universal’s new found success…

…speaking of counter punches, the WDW Florida 4-day ticket returns, albeit slightly more expensive.

Finally, the Downtown Disney Hyperion Wharf makeover begins with the demolition of the old Pleasure Island night clubs…

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