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Fountain View Reopens Featuring Starbucks

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The Fountain View, found in Epcot’s Future World near the Fountain of Nations, officially reopens tomorrow from an extensive refurbishment that started back in April.

Gone are the neon and the purple (and thank goodness, the Nescafe), and in its place is a new sophisticated style featuring woods and a teal palate. A new sleek and modern design punctuate the dining establishment, which helps to blend in with the futuristic feel of the area in which it sits. This location feels a bit like a traditional Starbucks in regards to design. (Unlike the Main Street Bakery, which creates a period-specific experience.)

Most food options, as well as merchandise, are Starbucks-oriented, with bags of coffee as well as Via packets available for sale. Your favorite Starbucks drinks are all featured, including frappucinos and specialty lattes. (And look, just in time for Pumpkin Spice Latte season!)


Starbucks bakery items are offered, as well as breakfast sandwiches. In addition, popular Disney-made treats like cookies and cupcakes are available. Bottled beverages, such as juice, milk, water, and soda can be found in the refrigerated section.

This is the second location for Starbucks at Walt Disney World. The first one opened at the Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom in June.

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10 thoughts on “Fountain View Reopens Featuring Starbucks

  • So no more ice cream? Loved that ice cream sandwich I got there on our last visit.

    • David Davies

      I’ll miss the ice cream cookie sandwich, too. There was even a peppermint ice cream on sugar cookies version during the holidays!

      Fortunately I can find the ice cream cookie sandwich at the other three parks. Epcot does have L’Artisan des Glaces Artisan Ice Cream & Sorbet in France now, and there’s a gelato cart in Italy. While not Edy’s, it’s not like ice cream has disappeared from the park. Plus, there are a few carts with ice cream in World Showcase where one can grab a Mickey Bar.

      I prefer ice cream to coffee, but I suspect selling Starbucks coffee here is will be more profitable than the ice cream was. Plenty of people love coffee and/or Starbucks.

  • Well, it’ll save me some money on my visits, I guess. Nobody in my family is a coffee drinker, but my kids are big ice cream fans. Epcot is becoming more of a park for the grown-ups all the time.

  • You do realize it was originally a coffee shop. Not like its Epcots only place to get food.

  • Jennifer

    oooo, how exciting, a Starbucks!! How imaginative and unique! What next? Applebees? TGIF? Dunkin Doughnuts?

  • matt

    Yes, the real world has enough starbucks, but THE World, needs more. So, I am all for finally getting decent coffee. I would have preferred a more original brand, but it sure beats nescafe. Also, Disney is full of other brands, like Coke, Eddys Ice Cream, etc. So chill everyone, and enjoy a quad expresso over ice

    • Chris

      I agree — too many Starbucks places everywhere else… but they are a good addition to WDW. (In my opinion.) There is nothing worse than yucky coffee when you need a cup. I never understood why a company that prided itself on excellence could serve the nasty stuff they called coffee.

  • Jennifer

    I’m a coffee drinker – especially in the cooler months. If you are not a coffee drinker, you would not know or realize this, BUT up until this year, there was no good coffee in the world. There are plenty of locations for ice cream. Plenty! Now, I don’t really care if it’s Starbuck’s or Disney’s creatively-named coffee shop – just thankful there is now a spot to get speciality coffee drinks! Two thumbs up! Will make my winter vacation even happier 🙂

  • dcguzzy

    Great News! We have sooooo long been waiting to get decent coffee at WDW. I know the lines at Main Street Bakery and here will be out the door.

  • johnny

    My wife is diabetic and will very much miss the sugar free ice cream from Fountain View. We do love Starbucks so not a total loss.

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