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Galaxy’s Edge Drink Coasters: A Free Disney Souvenir?

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When it comes to souvenirs from Galaxy’s Edge, Disney can certainly find a good way to separate you from your money. But there’s going to be one hot commodity that Disney isn’t selling — drink coasters from Oga’s Cantina.

Yes, technically, you need to buy a drink to get a drink coaster, but odds are good you’re planning to try something there anyhow, right? And, just like all free items, the coasters are starting to make their rounds on eBay with a starting bid of $25 for a free coaster. It may be crossing sci-fi worlds, but are we sure there aren’t Ferengi in the Star Wars universe?

Different versions of the drink coasters have been making the rounds, with a standard “Oga’s Cantina” pattern on the front and different images, like Ewoks or spacecraft on the back. How many are in the set? Hard to say at this point, but you can guarantee someone will be selling a complete set on eBay as soon as Galaxy’s Edge opens.

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  • That Ferengi joke though, lol!

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