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TSA and Disney Cruise Travel Restrictions for Galaxy’s Edge

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Have you ever had that moment when you buy a souvenir and then suddenly have the moment of “How am I going to get this home?” Some of the unique items purchased at Galaxy’s Edge can give some pause before that flight home. And if your next step is a Disney cruise, some of the items that are permitted on planes are not permitted on DCL. Here’s the run-down of what you need to know on unique TSA restrictions and permissions, and the rules for Disney Cruise Line regarding items purchased in Galaxy’s Edge.

TSA Restrictions

For the full list of TSA restrictions, visit the TSA “What Can I Bring?” website here.

The two most common items that will be asked about are lightsabers and droids. Here’s the official TSA statements.

When we traveled with our droid from Droid Depot from California to Florida, we did have to take the droid out of its carrier and had special screening. Also remember to put the remote with the unit when you have it screened.

When it comes to other items that you may purchase at Disney (including in Galaxy’s Edge) or Universal, the TSA has various rules that may apply.

And one amusing one to show that the TSA does have a sense of humor.

Disney Cruise Line

The list of restricted items for Disney Cruise line can be found here. According to Disney’s official page, lightsabers are permitted on Disney Cruise Line.


Unfortunately, they don’t serve droids on Disney Cruise Line — if you build a droid at Droid Depot, it is a remote-controlled device, and not permitted.

Like other prohibited items, if you build a droid at Droid Depot and have a cruise scheduled afterwards, bring the droid with you in your carry-on and let security know when you check in. Your item will be tagged and held during the cruise, and you’ll pick it up on the morning you leave the ship.

Have any other questions about TSA or DCL restrictions on items you can find at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “TSA and Disney Cruise Travel Restrictions for Galaxy’s Edge

  • Amy Schinner

    I read that an empty coke bottle from Batu is not allowed because it looks like an explosive device. There was a tweet from TSA, but I can’t confirm it was real. Did you hear anything?

    • Julia Mascardo

      I wrote to the TSA this morning to ask that question, and posted the reply on our Twitter account. In TSA logic, they look like a bomb and aren’t permitted. That said, many people have reported being able to bring them in both checked and carry-on bags. The best advice people have to make it look less like a bomb is to remove the lid and carry it separately. But the official TSA stance is that they are not permitted.

  • Momaw Nadon

    I noticed those for sale inside the queue at MFSR. It reminded me of the thermal detonator that Boussh used to threaten Jabba the Hutt. It does sort of look like a conventional grenade, too, so I can see how that might be a problem.

  • I was wondering how I was supposed to get that lightsaber I was going to build home

    • The easiest and most pain free way to deal with your lightsabers is to, in my opinion, ship your blades home along with your sheaths ahead of you and carry your hilts in your checked bags, minus batteries. if you are taking more than two or three lightsabers home(especially if the majority of them are legacy sabers), bring an empty collapsable bag. You can use any shirts/clothes you bought at GE to help protect the cases/hilts. you might even consider using a suitcase larger than normal.

  • There’s also the TSA-like security being added to the Monorail terminal, so that could be trouble too (lousy nerfhurders).

  • Kevin H Jones

    But DCL sells pirate swords on the ship. Hmmmm….

    • Gojags88

      You can bring plastic pirate swords on DCL. They are listed in the toy exception section along with light sabers and Thor’s hammer.

  • We visited Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge earlier this month and my son built a lightsaber at Savis Workshop.

    TSA at San Francisco International Airport did NOT let us bring it as a carry on, despite our objections. We had to check it in, the airline put a fragile sticker on it and fortunately it didn’t break. But we were not happy.
    So just beware.

  • Since when are swords and hammers a firearm?

  • Keggin Lunch

    You can throw swords and hammers so that might be a reason why.

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