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Get to Know Epcot’s Kidcot Fun Stops

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With summer vacation approaching just as central Florida takes on the heat and humidity only accurately described as “miserable,” we thought it best to start covering a few ways to amuse the smaller members of your vacation team while also staying cool! At Epcot, one of the best options for entertaining kids in World Showcase are the Kidcot Fun Stop locations. In this post, we will provide descriptions of all 11 Kidcot locations, available seating and stroller room, proximity to snacks and restrooms, and special surprises we may have encountered during our review. (Note that the restrooms listed in the summary do not include those inside restaurants. In our experience, however, Cast Members are always accommodating especially for younger guests.)

All 11 Kidcot Fun Stop locations provide each participating guest with a country themed postcard and a sticker. Markers are also provided at each location for use during the stop. Each post card is 5″ x 3 1/2″ and has the name of the country, an interesting fact about that country, and the capital city. There is also a small space on each that says, “Make a new friend in [name of country]!” The back of the postcards have on-theme pictures for guests to color. For example, Italy has Mickey and Minnie in a gondola and Japan has Daisy and Minnie playing the taiko drums.

Bear in mind that the indoor Fun Stops are air conditioned. This could be a huge part of your choice about which Fun Stops to enjoy, particularly during the summer.

The Kidcot cast members often go out of their way to create extra magic for their guests. On the day of our review, the Norway Fun Stop was really slow (see the shoe note below), so the cast member there drew a cute little Viking for us, complete with horns and a beard! The cast member in Japan was doing an impromptu origami lesson when we came through. She was showing some younger guests how to make tiny Mickey and Minnie origami heads!


The Kidcot Fun Stop in Canada is just outside of the exit to the O Canada film. The fastest route to this fun stop is down the path toward Le Cellier. In our opinion, it’s the Fun Stop with the most stunning views in all of World Showcase.

  • Outdoors, overhead covering
  • Seats 12
  • Additional seating on the stone wall. Roomy enough for lots of strollers.
  • Nearest restroom – outside the United Kingdom pavilion.
  • Nearest snacks – outdoor kiosks on the main World Showcase walkway.
Path toward the Canada Kidcot Fun Stop
Canada Fun Stop

United Kingdom

The Kidcot Fun Stop in the United Kingdom is inside The Toy Soldier toward the back of the country.

  • Indoor location
  • Seats 8 with additional seating for 2 in wing back chairs on a split-level portion of the store. Not roomy on a busy day.
  • Nearest restroom – in the UK, out the store and to the left.
  • Nearest snacks – candy bars and cookies (biscuits) inside The Tea Caddy, fish and chips at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, or a lovely Guinness at the Rose and Crown Pub!
  • Bonus! You may get a chance to rock out to The British Revolution (our most favorite live music in all of WDW!) as your little people color in Queen Daisy’s royal robes!
Lots of nice air conditioning at the UK Kidcot Fun Stop


The Kidcot Fun Stop in France is at the exit to the Impressions de France film and is fortuitously in the same building as Les Halles Boulangerie- Patisserie! (aka “butter and chocolate heaven”, aka “bread on bread on bread with a side of cheese and I’ll take that champagne too, Mademoiselle”!)

  • Indoor location
  • Seated coloring for 2, standing coloring for 4. Additional seating outside the Patisserie is not close enough to well supervise your kiddos while they’re at the Fun Spot but you can always do a ride share type of swap if you’ve got more than one adult in your party.
  • Nearest restroom – close! At the opposite side of the building.
  • Nearest snacks – right there at Les Halles (more bread, please).
The France Kidcot Fun Stop is steps away from a bakery!


The Kidcot Fun Stop in Morocco is located inside the Brass Bazaar past the main entrance and fountain.

  • Partially exposed indoor location – wide open archways
  • Seated space for 6 children. There’s no additional seating, but there is room for strollers.
  • Nearest restrooms – just around the corner! Out and to your left.
  • Nearest snacks – the Tangerine Cafe is just steps away.
The Morocco Kidcot is typically quite calm


The Kidcot Fun Stop in Japan is located outside the candy/sake section of the Mitsukoshi shopping experience. Saying this store is an experience is an understatement. Plan for a long stop here, readers! The Japan pavilion has all of those things your kids obsess over on YouTube videos – even the items you consider buying but don’t want to pay shipping from Japan for. (I speak from personal and very costly experience.)

  • Mostly covered and cool location
  • Seated space for 8. Additional seating inside the Bijutsu-Kan Japanese Arts Room isn’t close enough for supervision, but is similar to France in that portions of your party can break off to cool down and look around while still remaining close. Reasonable stroller room unless it’s a peak day.
  • Nearest restrooms – the fastest route is up the steps as you walk over the bridge exiting the Kidcot area. There are small restrooms just outside of the Katsura Grill. The stroller path will take a minute or two longer and can be reached further up the path past the outdoor kiosks on the right.
  • Nearest snacks – oh, man. Literally everywhere you turn.
There’s often origami at the Japan Kidcot Fun Stop

The American Adventure

The Kidcot Fun Stop in the American Adventure is against the right side of the building just outside of Heritage Manor Gifts.

  • Overhead covering but exposed on all sides. You’ll be out of the sun but won’t have much relief from the heat.
  • Standing coloring space at the main table for 4. Tons of additional seating! There are 8 picnic tables and lots of benches under the covering and lots of room for strollers.
  • Nearest restrooms – just steps away.
  • Nearest snacks – the American Adventure outdoor kitchen is within smelling distance during Flower and Garden and Food and Wine; funnel cakes are close; hot dogs, salads, and cheeseburgers are just around the building inside The Liberty Inn!
  • Bonus – you’re too close not to check out the Voices of Liberty! We love all of the live entertainment around Epcot but as the great Sam Eagle says “…but mostly America.”
The US Kidcot offers shade, but no air conditioning


The Kidcot Fun Stop in Italy is just off the main square on the right.

  • Overhead covering but mostly exposed. This isn’t going to be your Kidcot pick in a heavy rain or around noon when the sun is most direct. Some a/c will flow out from La Bottega, but unless you grabbed some wine on the way out, it may not be enough to keep every adult happy.
  • Seated space for 5. Additional seating just steps away at 6 tables with umbrellas. Lots of exterior and sun-exposed stroller room.
  • Nearest restrooms – either the American Adventure or Germany.
  • Nearest snacks – the outdoor kitchen during Flower and Garden and Food and Wine always offers tasty little bites.
Seating at Italy’s Kidcot is partially covered
There’s plenty to look at on the walls of the Italy Fun Stop


The Kidcot Fun Stop in Germany is located inside Der Teddybar located just inside the main pavilion.

  • Indoor location
  • Seated space for 5, standing coloring space for 4. No additional seating and not much room for strollers.
  • Nearest restrooms – just outside of the main pavilion to the left.
  • Nearest snacks – The Karamell-Kuche is a legend that deserves separate research. In addition to that holy grail of all things caramel, Germany also offers the biggest and most delicious pretzel you’ve ever had! Grab a sprightly grapefruit beer while you’re at the beer stand and you’ll be happy during the inevitable 3:00 rainshower.
Germany Fun Stop


The Kidcot Fun Stop in China is located inside the House of Good Fortune store. The China pavilion is a bit like Japan in that you’ll spend a good amount of time wandering around the store. The Fun Stop is positioned in the toy area, so have the talk prior to heading inside!

  • Indoor location
  • Seated space for 5, standing coloring space for 4. No additional seating but decent space for strollers in the wonderful a/c.
  • Nearest restrooms – outside Good Fortune and to the right, inside the Lotus Blossom Cafe.
  • Nearest snacks – the Lotus Blossom Cafe has some pretty delicious egg rolls. Save room for Wenbo Zhang’s cotton candy art just outside.
China Fun Stop


The Kidcot Fun Stop in Norway is located inside The Fjording store… directly across from the shoes. If you are a human person, you have seen Frozen and probably know more of the songs than you’d admit to anyone. I have a 6-year-old daughter who is a wee bit obsessed with all things Arendelle so I proudly know all of the songs and character backstories only explained in the many books and appisodes and countless other spin-offs. This said, it’s like those in charge of the Norway pavilion rightly guessed your little people would rather wait in line for Frozen Ever After, or wander through the gift shop the ride exits directly into, or meet Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus, … you get the idea.

  • Indoor location
  • Standing coloring for 6. No seating but room for a few strollers.
  • Nearest restrooms – close! between the Kringla Bakery and the Royal Sommerhus.
  • Nearest snacks – the Kringla Bakery is steps away and has the cutest Frozen-themed sweets in the land.
Norway Kidcot Fun Stop


The Kidcot Fun Spot in Mexico is deep inside the pavilion. You’ll walk past the museum-quality art and go down one of the two ramps that drop you directly in front of shopping, and the best tequila in the universe at La Cava del Tequila.

  • Cool, dimly lit indoor location
  • Seated space for 4 or 5 depending on the number of stools they have out that day, and standing space for 8. Additional seating is around the gorgeous fountain in the center of the pavilion. Not much room for strollers on a busy day.
  • Nearest restrooms – inside the San Angel Inn Restaurant.
  • Nearest snacks – the Cantina outside the pavilion is awesome. Get your shot of Cuervo Family Reserve, let the kiddos focus on their cool postcards for a bit then head outside for some delicious dishes.
Mexico’s Kidcot is a cool place to relax

Do your kids enjoy the Kidcot Fun Stops? Are they a must-do or a maybe-sometimes part of your visits to Epcot? Have you ever had a memorable experience with a Kidcot cast member? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • If it’s busy, they’ll give first priority to kids. But I’ve been there several times and asked nicely for cards at the Kidcot stations and they’ve always given them to me.


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