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Getting to Know the Refillable Popcorn Bucket at Universal Orlando

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What is it about popcorn as a snack that satisfies so many? Why do we find ourselves drawn to buying it at movie theatre and theme parks? Well, I cannot solve that mystery, but I might have a way to help your bank account regarding buying popcorn at Universal Orlando Resort. Universal, like the mouse house over in Lake Buena Vista, sells popcorn buckets that are refillable. The Universal versions are not as collectible or expensive as Disney ones, but they do come in containers that are easy to use.

At both land-based parks at Universal, there are four popcorn stands in each park. At Universal Studios Florida, popcorn is available at 5th Ave. Food and Drink in New York area, Expo Eats in the Springfield area, Rock-It snacks in Production Central, and Front Gate popcorn (which is often closed). In Islands of Adventure, popcorn is available at Fuddnuddler Bros. Popcorn in Seuss Landing, Interplanetary Popcorn in Marvel Super Hero Island, Jurassic Park Popcorn, and Poop Deck Pappy’s Popcorn in Toon Lagoon.

The price of the refillable popcorn buckets is $11.29. Refills are $2. With a standard serving of popcorn without a bucket costing more than $5, it will not take long for the refill bucket to become a value to consider if you enjoy popcorn and saving money on it. This refillable bucket can also be used at the Coke kiosk in CityWalk. Perhaps most importantly, these popcorn buckets never expire. You can bring them back for subsequent trips to take advantage of the refill price.

Universal Orlando does sometimes offer flavored popcorn like caramel or cheddar at the stand near the front of Universal Studios Florida. You are able to refill your bucket here as well for $3.69 with the flavored popcorn.

During COVD safety procedures, you will not have your bucket filled directly except for when originally purchased. When getting refills currently, you will simply show your bucket and be given a paper container of popcorn. This procedure may change so check with for updates.

If you are looking to lower your food expense while enjoying your recreation time at Universal, this popcorn bucket refill program may be a good option for you. You will have to carry a popcorn bucket around with you, and then make use of ride lockers for certain attractions, but the money saved may be more than enough to make up for any inconvenience.

Do you think a refillable popcorn bucket can save you money at Universal Orlando? Let us know what you think in the comments.


First published May 10, 2021. updated October 13, 2021.






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