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Central Park Crepes: How Do They Rank?

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Since the reopening of theme parks in Orlando area, the crepe has become a more popular food item. At Central Park Crepes in Universal Studios Florida, this can be seen. Now these crepes are not going to be as authentic as getting them from the south of France. Still, the taste is good. The price point of under $10 is appealing also. This location is fairly new having opened in 2020. The queue for food here can be long on a busy day. Each crepe is made to order adding to the wait time. The portion sizes are solid especially based on freshness and price point. There is even a Coke Freestyle machine location attached to the crepe stand. As TouringPlans site describes the food here, “the smell of its made-to-order fancy French pancakes” with unique filling can draw a crowd.

Photo by Jon Self

So, you want to decide between all the good options here: How do these items rank with Universal Orlando guests? Before I list the ranking, I need to point out this food kiosk offers seasonal crepes as well. These are popular but are not around all the time so did not make rankings. Those seasonal crepes can be some of the best tasting options though.

Photo by Jon Self

#5 Plant-Based Chick’n

This crepe is hurt by the fact that formerly there was a vegan sausage version. This year, the chick’n version took over. I do not think enough people have tried this one. This crepe is described as filled with plant-based chick’n, arugula, corn, roasted red bell peppers/tomatoes, crunchy onions, lemon vinaigrette, and plant-based avocado cilantro aioli. The aioli is excellent. The weakness of this crepe is the chick’n in my opinion. I have eaten lots of plant-based dishes at Universal Orlando. This was the lowest quality plant-based protein I have tried at Universal Orlando during my October 2021 visit.

Central park crepes
Photo by Jon Self

#4 Strawberry Hazelnut


We have entered the sweet crepes. If you enter the voyage to enjoy one of these sweet crepes, then I hope you like whipped crème. All the sweet and savory crepes can be messy. This does not take away from the enjoyment. I would not recommend walking around trying to eat one though.

This is the lowest rated of the three sweet crepes. All the ingredients are good, but the combination seems to be missing something. On the other hand, I may simply be saying this one is good but not as good as other two sweet ones. In fairness, I am not a fan of strawberries and hazelnut flavor, but I consulted a plethora of people before giving this ranking. The consensus was this is good but not as good as other two sweet crepes.


#3 Cookies and Crème

Central Park crepes universal Studios florida

This is the safest choice by far. This is various chocolate flavors, various OREOs, powdered sugar, and whipped crème. Unless you despise a key ingredient, you will enjoy this crepe. The weakness of this crepe is that the flavors are versions of common things you can have in everyday life. Some guests says that the crepe is good but not one they would get again. The OREO flavors are well done. This crepe is fresh and messy as you might expect. The light crepe does match the cookies n crème flavor in a consistent reasonable way.


#2 Smoked Brisket

This is my personal favorite crepe. However, my personal favorites seem to be finishing in second place in these ranking type blogs.

This non-traditional-style crepe features some savory brisket. The brisket has a wonderful taste. The BBQ style sauce fits this crepe well. A common complaint is that the crepe does not have enough brisket. The crepe does also feature cole slaw which some guests opted to leave out. When guests do that, you will see a far smaller amount of filling for the crepe. The pepper jack cheese that goes with this is not a large part of the flavor. If you get the full number of fillings, this can be an excellent lunch. Maybe in a few hours, you can come back to this stand to get the #1 selection for dessert.


#1 Lemon and Blueberry

included in photo is a UOAP monthly pin celebrating the crepe stand
Photo by Jon Self

This sweet crepe wins a slim victory over the brisket crepe. In fairness, the top two crepes are preferred by most guests over the other three. This sweet crepe consists of lemon mascarpone, blueberries, powdered sugar, lemon pound cake, and whipped crème. The appearance of this one is excellent. The flavors are a nice fruity balance. Once you get past most of the whipped crème on top, you may be surprised to find the pound cake. The lemon pound cake within the crepe adds to the flavor adventure.


As with most culinary additions in last 7 years at Universal Orlando, this stand is a success. There is a crepe for everyone. You could pick up a crepe to enjoy then get a seat nearby for the Superstar Parade at Universal Studios Florida. No matter how you rate these items, they are easy on your budget with quality flavor.

Do you have a favorite crepe at Central Park Crepes? Let us know in the comments.

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