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Getting to Know Universal – Finding the Characters

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What’s the one thing Orlando theme parks are more synonymous with than long lines and high prices? That is right, costumed characters! Universal Orlando offers their own cast of classic and modern characters for autographs and photos. In the first part of this series, we discussed the ways you can meet the characters at Universal Orlando. In this part two, we will cover where to find specific characters in the parks.

Where Can I Find The Characters?

Harry Potter

Due to Warner’s control of the franchise, look-alike face characters to Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, or others are not in the park. The only place you will be able to see these characters will be in their respective attractions.

Two face characters do meet and greet in the lands: in Hogsmeade, you can find the Hogwarts Express conductor next to the train while the Knight Bus attendant can be found outside of Diagon Alley next to the bus.


Marvel characters from Spider-man, The Avengers, and the Fantastic Four can be seen in their comics-appropriate garb at Marvel Super Hero Island in Islands of Adventure. Meet and greets occur throughout the land and a Captain America-themed character meal is offered on select nights.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the character meal is suspended and a rotating set of characters meets at the north edge of the land.

Despicable Me & Minions

  • Various Minions, including Jerry, Bob, and Stuart, are inside the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem exit area
  • The Minions, Gru, the girls, and more are found in the Universal Superstar Parade and Universal Holiday Parade
  • Minions, Gru, and the girls are part of the Despicable Me character breakfast

The Simpsons

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Krusty, and Sideshow Bob are found in Springfield USA at Universal Studios Florida. Characters meet between The Simpsons Ride and the Kwik-E-Mart.


  • Shrek, Donkey, and sometimes Fiona appear on the south side of the Monsters Cafe building at their meet and greet area. Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, the Three Blind Mice, and more appear in the Universal Holiday Parade. Shrek also sometimes makes appearances in the Dreamworks Destination attraction
  • Characters from Trolls, KungFu Panda, Madagascar, and Shrek appear in the Dreamworks Destination attraction
  • Characters from KungFu Panda and Madagascar appear at Islands of Adventure in Lost Continent across from Fire Eaters Grill and in Port of Entry

Jurassic Park/World

While none of the human characters are found in Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure, you can find the raptors from Jurassic World in the Raptor Encounter meet and greet. Just hold onto your kids and check for any missing digits.

Dr. Seuss

  • Cat in the Hat, The Things, Grinch (fursuit version), and more Seuss characters are found in Seuss Landing
  • The Grinch (face character, like from the Jim Carey movie) can be found only during the holidays at his character breakfast or in the Grinchmas Wholiday Spectacular show

Other Characters

Universal draws from a large library of their own and other characters for one of the largest swaths of characters to meet outside of Walt Disney World.

In Universal Studios Florida you can find:

  • Doc Brown from Back to the Future by the DeLorean outside of Animal Actors or in Hollywood
  • Scooby-Doo and & The Gang are found in Hollywood
  • Hello Kitty is outside her store in Hollywood
  • Blues Brothers are found mingling after their show in New York
  • Marilyn Monroe, Lucy Ricardo, and other vintage celebrity face characters are in Hollywood
  • Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward can be found in their store in KidZone or in the daily Superstar parade
  • Popeye, Olive Oyl, Betty Boop, and other classic comic strip characters are found in Toon Lagoon

Do you have a favorite character you see in the parks? Leave them and any questions in the comments below!


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