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Going Solo: The Best Disney Resorts

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TouringPlans is pleased to welcome guest author Sara Butler.

For all Disney-lovers in the world, there’s one rite of passage that many look to achieve at some point: a solo trip.

Imagine it – no getting cranky kids out of bed for rope drop, no partner complaining about how it really doesn’t matter what time you get there, no grumbles about sore feet at the end of the night (well, your feet may still be sore but you’ll only grumble to yourself). You can eat where you want, you can do what you want, and you can enjoy exploring the parks at your own pace. What’s not to like about that?

One of the most crucial choices you’ll make as you plan your solo trip to Walt Disney World is where to stay. For those that travel alone, the appeal of a resort may be different than when you’re traveling with others. Here are some of the best choices of Disney resorts for the solo traveler!

Pop Century

1950s Pool (Bowling Pool) at Disney’s Pop Century

If you’re a value resort kind of person, then you can’t go wrong with Pop Century. While this resort may be filled with more families than some other choices, it’s got the nostalgia and the transportation options for the solo traveler that more than make up for it.

Plus, the Everything POP food court’s specialty is tie-dye cheesecake, which makes the perfect snack that you don’t have to share with anyone because – YOLO! – you’re solo.

Port Orleans French Quarter

French Quarter rooms – photo by Brian McNichols

Port Orleans French Quarter is a resort with a cult-like following – and for good reason. It’s has a small footprint, giving it a more intimate feel than other sprawling Disney resorts. It boasts a New Orleans theme, too, complete with walkways that look like streets and tucked-away gardens with fountains you can enjoy for a bit of relaxation. Almost better than the real French Quarter because those tiny streets are a lot cleaner than the real thing. You can also catch a boat on the Sassagoula River to Disney Springs, which is a great option for a solo trip.

And while this isn’t a food-centric blog, it’s worth noting that this resort also has a specialty: Mickey-shaped beignets. Not to be missed as a part of a complete Mickey-shaped diet.

Wilderness Lodge


Another relatively intimate resort, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge transports you to the Pacific northwest in the middle of central Florida. It has amazing food choices, one of the most impressive lobbies in all of Walt Disney World, and bus transportation to all parks as well as boat transportation to the Magic Kingdom.

It’s also worth noting that the rooms at Wilderness Lodge have recently been renovated. They have understated Disney touches perfect for adults, ideal for the solo traveler looking for an escape within an escape. And as a Disney Deluxe resort, guests at Wilderness Lodge will also get the much-anticipated-but-few-details-shared “Extended Evening Hours,” which should be a good perk. Probably. More info to come.

Beach Club

Let’s be honest: Most solo travelers care a lot about food. And if you care a lot about food, then you care a lot about making it to EPCOT. And if you want EPCOT to literally be steps away so you can hit every festival booth and roll back to your room, then you have to stay at the Beach Club. Oh, and it’s within walking, Skyliner, or boat distance to Hollywood Studios, too.

Solo trips to Disney can be a great experience. Start it off right by picking a resort you’ll be happy at that also gives you the access you want to the parks and other great offerings at Walt Disney World.

Have you traveled solo to Disney? Where have you stayed?


Sara Butler lives in Bloomington, Indiana with her husband and two daughters. She is a professional writer and certified Disney fanatic who enjoys sharing her love of Disney with others – so much so that she helps people to plan their own vacations. Contact Sara here for help planning your next trip to Disney or Universal – she has all the insider info!

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8 thoughts on “Going Solo: The Best Disney Resorts

  • As a woman travelling alone I would *only* stay on Disney property. It gives an added level of security & minimises any added stresses & considerations. The Disney transportation has never failed me & on my last vacation my priority was visiting & dining at all the other resorts & I got to every resort without any issues at all.

    One of the benefits of a solo visit is being spontaneous & doing whatever you want to as the mood hits. On an average day, I like to bounce around from parks, resorts, Springs & back to my room so being on property is essential.

    I happily stay at values so it is cheaper than if I stayed off site however even if I chose to stay at a moderate or deluxe, it’d would still absolutely be worth it to me for the reassurance it gives. Travelling with others, off site would be fine but travelling solo as a woman, the Disney “bubble” is a good place to be.

  • I’d go to the Beach Resort. My husband had a business conference there many years ago where spouses were invited to attend and spend time at the Disney Parks. At the time, the Beach Resort was brand new and we were the first guests to occupy our room.

  • when going solo, the cost of hotels becomes a more significant percentage of the budget as its not being amortized across a group.
    While Disney transport is a benefit of staying in a resort hotel, its not always fast or predictable, its probably worth looking at staying off site even with the added cost of a car rental and parking. I’m not convinced that the premium for a Disney hotel is worth it, especially when you compare to the costs of wilderness or beach club. When staying at Disney properties, you’ll probably have to uber to get to other hotels for dining, and the magical express is ending on jan 1st. I’d be looking at the deals for other great hotels that are off site.

  • Thank you for your insights, I plan on going for the 50th anniversary sometime after July next year, parents took myself and siblings when Disney opened. I took my older sister and her two children for the 25th! No one (siblings) wanted go with me for 50th, so, glad for insights. Wish me luck on trip!!!!! Alone and old!!

    • Hey Laura, you will have the best time! A few years ago, I spent a day in the parks on my own for the first time as my family didn’t want to go & it was a revelation! I promptly booked 10 days solo for the following year & it was by far the best vacation I’ve ever had. My days were entirely mine & I did so many things I hadn’t had the opportunity to do before.

      On another note, I found that I actually met & talked to more people when I’m in the parks on my own than when I’m with my family or friends so don’t worry, you may be “on your own” but you won’t be “alone” 🙂

  • More power to the commenters above, but if I’m taking a trip all by myself, no WAY am I staying at a hot-tub-less value resort. Maybe it’s weird, but I just can’t bring myself to pay that much to stay at a hotel that doesn’t have a hot tub.

  • Always All Star Sports for me, might be because I stayed there a lot growing up so feel like its my “home resort” but I love it even when it’s just me. Has everything I need & by staying at a value it frees up money to spend on doing things I can only really manage to do when solo e.g tours etc

  • I’m in my 70’s, LOVE going solo to WDW, and almost always stay in a Value resort. My next trip is the beginning of December and I’m staying at Pop Century because of it’s access to the Skyliner.


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