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Halloween Horror Nights 24: From Dusk Till Dawn Added to Lineup

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Photo provided courtesy of Universal Studios

After previously announcing that AMC’s The Walking Dead would return for its third straight year at Halloween Horror Nights (the first brand of any sort to accomplish that feat,) Universal added Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn series to the list of 8 haunted houses that will make up HHN 24.

Many know the From Dusk Till Dawn brand thanks to the original 1996 film which was directed by Robert Rodriguez, written by Quentin Tarantino, and featured George Clooney in his first major movie lead role. From Dusk Till Dawn went on to have two straight-to-video sequels (the second of which stars Robert Patrick, who played the T-1000 character in Terminator 2) and has recently been revived into a television show on the El Rey network.

The haunted maze at HHN 24 will be based on the From Dusk Till Dawn television show, featuring characters and locations from the first season’s 10 episode run.

Both the original From Dusk Till Dawn movie and the television show are centered around the villainous Gecko brothers.  On the run from the FBI and the Texas Rangers, the Geko brothers find themselves in a strip club that is not what it seems. With a unique and interesting take on the vampire genre, Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn features over-the-top gore and stylized action that will fit in well with Universal’s signature Halloween event.

Halloween Horror Nights is on selected nights from Sept 19 – Nov 1 at Universal Studios Florida. For more information check out

The first season of From Dusk Till Dawn will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD on Sept 16th.

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10 thoughts on “Halloween Horror Nights 24: From Dusk Till Dawn Added to Lineup

  • Ignore the sheltered children who wouldn’t handle a simple photo. They’ll need to avoid all Universal parks and hotels (and I4 for that matter) if they’re unable to handle promotions for Halloween Horror Nights. I’m sure their favorite park is “The Holy Land Experience,” next door to Universal…

    • couldn’t, not wouldn’t…typo!

  • nice my comments were deleted.

    no matter im deleting touring plans from my newsfeeds.

    you people need some help if this silly pic disturbs you.

    • Well said! Those people need to go to bed.

  • Thanks for the feedback – we debated running the photo, but as it’s straight from Universal, we feel it gives guests a good feel for the tone of the event.

    • Thank you for not catering to immature children who can’t handle actual advertisements from theme parks.

      • Yes, agreed…that picture is fine. Some people like complaining about every little thing

  • I agree this is a very disturbing picture. The post would be better without the photo.

  • I love your blog your website and everything. But I am disturbed to see this horrible picture show up on my news feed. Just thought I would let you know. For a family oriented thing you’ve go going on here, this is inappropriate.

    • Who said the site was “family oriented”? I thought they were going after the general public, not just families.


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