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New Happily Ever After Nighttime Spectacular To Debut at Magic Kingdom

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Happily Ever After

Are you ready for a new Magic Kingdom nighttime spectacular? The new show called Happily Ever After will debut May 12.

Happily Ever After will showcase some of the greatest adventures Disney characters have taken to achieve their dreams. It is a story of friendship, perseverance and overcoming obstacles. The nighttime spectacular will feature the latest in fireworks, pyrotechnics and lasers. The show will include a brand new, original score. Oh and we can’t forget the state-of-the-art projection mapping technology that’s been utilized more and more recently by Disney.

This new 18 minute show will feature more Disney characters than ever before including moments from Moana, Brave, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, The Princess & The Frog, Aladdin and more. The show will also feature Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame who will swings from the turrets, Woody and his pals from Toy Story recreate the castle entirely out of toys, and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty envelops the castle in her signature green flames.

The story will begin with scenes of fantastic dreams full of hope, wonder, magic and light. Of course, as with most Disney nighttime spectaculars, the Disney villains will attempting to quash those dreams and forcing the heroes to fight for what they believe in. Characters will have to overcoming their fears, the heroes will triumph and are celebrated with fireworks. 

Don’t worry Tinker Bell lovers, she will continue to fly across the night sky.

Catch a sneak peek of what you can expect with Happily Ever After.

“Happily Ever After” will be presented nightly. Show times vary based on park hours.

Unfortunately, this means that we must say goodbye to Wishes. Wishes debuted back in 2003 and has touched Guests hearts ever since. (Seriously, that musical score just gets you!) The last day to catch Wishes will be May 11.


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8 thoughts on “New Happily Ever After Nighttime Spectacular To Debut at Magic Kingdom

  • I was so looking forward to seeing wishes with my family during our trip this fall. It is sad to know they will not get to experience it. I did get to see it during my first WDW trip and will remember it forever. I do have confidence that the new show will be great though.

    I just hope they keep their hands off IllumiNations for now because I have not seen it yet and that is one of the things I am looking forward to most for our trip this fall.

    I’m also sad that Disney Quest will be closed. That place has a nostalgic charm. It’s sad to see so many of these older attractions go away. I hope Disney realizes we need some of these old school attractions to stay.

  • Super sad about Wishes. I love the classic music and it will always hold a special place in my Disney Heart!

  • So… We had planned on watching Wishes the last night of our trip which happened to be May 11th. In your experience on these “last nights” is it worth it to avoid the park that night or is it equally busy the whole last week of Wishes? We planned on being in MK one night of our trip only. TIA! Jessica

  • This announcement fills me with sadness. I’ll watch ‘Happily Ever After’ and will try to keep an open mind, but I enjoy ‘Wishes’ a lot and will miss it.

  • I’ve always found Wishes to be my least favorite of the fireworks shows: a little too schmaltzy for my taste. That said, I’m glad I got to see it one last time in January.

  • Beginning of the article states the new show will debut march 12. The end of the article states the last day to catch wishes will be May 11. Which is correct?

    • Hi Gina! I have March on the brain. It’s May 12. I’ve updated the post. 🙂

  • I hope that folding the projection technology into the fireworks show doesn’t mean that Once upon a Time will be no more. The castle projection shows (all three of them) were easily my favorite thing at the MK, even though I regularly skipped Wishes.
    Maybe I’ll like the new show better – but boy oh boy, this will make the hub even more crowded than it is now.

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