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New Hotel and Parking Improvements Coming for Disneyland Resort

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Big changes are on the horizon for the Disneyland Resort. It was announced that a brand new Four Diamond hotel will be opening up in 2021. This new hotel will transform the west end of the Downtown Disney District and it will also anchor a new gateway to the Disneyland Resort.



This new hotel will feature 700 rooms and a sophisticated style. There will be extensive landscaping and water elements that will help to create a sort of oasis. The hotel will include a dedicated platform inside for direct transport into Disneyland via the monorail. This resort will provide plenty of views of the Downtown Disney District. In addition, there will be an upper-level restaurant and lounge which will give Guests a view of Disneyland’s fireworks. Speaking of restaurants, there will be many restaurants and shops that open onto an expansive landscaped plaza complete with water features.

Disneyland Resort


With the addition of this new hotel, it appears that the AMC Theater, Earl of Sandwich, Rainforest Cafe, and ESPN Zone will need to close.


Construction on the new hotel starts in the summer of 2018.

In addition, as part of this expansion, a new parking structure will be built. This all-new facility will be built on the current Pinocchio surface parking lot next to Mickey & Friends. It will be a 6,500-space structure that is designed to dramatically improve parking and traffic flow. According to Disney, this new garage is expected to significantly speed up guest arrival by providing a 60% increase in the number of access lanes, as well as adding additional parking capacity on the west side of the resort, eliminating backups onto city streets.

Another reconfiguration that will take place with the tram boarding area to enhance the experience for Guests parking at both the new structure, as well as at Mickey & Friends.

The new parking structure will begin construction starting in February 2018 and it is set to open in 2019.

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5 thoughts on “New Hotel and Parking Improvements Coming for Disneyland Resort

  • The previous excuses xxxx reasons were sort of vague, but with this missing piece, it makes much more sense of the runDisney decision.

  • So Anaheim slaps them down with Eastern Gateway, and Disney retaliates by getting rid of the most vibrant part of Downtown Disney that attracts thousands of off-site visitors–and does so in a way that will completely upstage and block the historic Disneyland Hotel? This is disgusting. I have CM friends who’ve been saying the same thing to me today. Lots of people are in shock, and I imagine Disney hid the full picture of this project until now for a reason. After years of being a DLR vet, my partner and I are confirmed WDW vets now. But looking back at my former “home resort,” this is just really, really saddening.

    • I agree that the hotel’s placement negatively upstages the DLH, but one quick note: the most vibrant part of Downtown Disney? I guess that’s where they have that little stage set up, but can you really consider a movie theatre and a couple crappy theme restaurants to be “vibrant?”

      From the press release and art, it looks like that area will now be a courtyard of restaurants and shops, so the DtD “vibe” will extend onto the hotel grounds (though you have to wonder where the security perimeter will fall).

  • From what I’ve seen in the Orange County Register and elsewhere, Disney has abandoned the Eastern Gateway project that would have put a new parking garage and pedestrian bridge on the Harbor Blvd. side of the resort. This week’s announcement of the Downtown Disney-area development supersedes and replaces that.

  • Two parking structures, actually. Though their press releases didn’t call attention to it, the top left corner of the hotel concept art shows a new structure built on the existing Simba lot (which will be sorely needed to make up for all the existing hotel & DtD surface parking that the new hotel will consume).

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