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Pixar Pals Parking Garage to Open at the Disneyland Resort on June 30

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Last year, Disneyland Resort started building another parking structure that was adjacent to Mickey & Friends and the good news is that this brand new facility will be opening on June 30. This is months ahead of the initial schedule. The parking garage, called Pixar Pals, celebrates your favorite Pixar films like Monsters Inc., Inside Out, and Coco.

Pixar Pals adds more than 5,000 parking spaces to the west side of the Disneyland Resort. The new garage features additional entry lanes and a new electronic inventory system. This new parking structure is designed to expedite Guest parking and reduce traffic around the bustling resort.

There’s also currently the Magic Way Pedestrian Bridge being built and that will be opening in mid-September. This new bridge will connect visitors from Pixar Pals, over Magic Way, to the rest of the resort, therefore allowing Guests the option to stroll through the Downtown Disney District to the theme parks’ Main Entrance. By eliminating the foot traffic crossing the street at Disneyland Drive and Magic Way, the new bridge provides convenience and enhances safety.

These parking and transportation enhancements were done to improve parking and traffic flow, as well as to continue to enhance the overall Disneyland Resort Guest experience.

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