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Hotwire: Let’s Do It Again in February

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Wouldn’t you know it? As soon as my dealorometer finally cooled off, Hotwire pushed another set of deals out in February!

If you haven’t read our previous Last-Minute January Deals post, you might want to run over there for a minute to catch up. We’ll wait. *hums hakuna matata*

OK, Let’s get going: The February HotRate deals are essentially the same ones from January rolling right through to the end of the month. As usual, there are some price fluctuations, including a bit of a spike on either side of Valentine’s Day weekend. You can catch Pop Century from $68 to $118, Coronado Springs from $87 to $127, and Yacht Club from $228 to $319.

My family tends to be Moderate resort-stayers, so when I see rates reaching up beyond $300 I start to get nosebleeds. But, if you put the deals in context, many of these HotRate deals will likely save you around $90 or more per night over the current Disney direct discount, depending on the day.

The comparisons above are all based on Disney’s rates for standard rooms. While those some very good savings as is, I’ve received several reports that the past few drops of Yacht Club rooms have all turned out to be Water View rooms. While I wouldn’t necessarily count on that every time, if they do turn out to be water view then the savings vs. the Early 2021 discount is more like $178 per night! That’ll sure buy a lot of churros.

And, don’t forget: there’s a NEWYEAR21 coupon code that will take another 6% off bookings over $100.

Once again, you can hop back to our January deals post to see some examples to help you identify these resorts in hidden deals. But, first, take a gander at the February calendar of deals we’ve found.

If you’ve booked any of these deals, or aren’t sure where you’ve left your gander – let us know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Hotwire: Let’s Do It Again in February

  • How exactly do I tell if the property is Coronado on hotwire? I’ve found Pop listings, it actually shows a picture of the interior of a pop room which is a new development, but I don’t think I’m seeing any for the moderate resort.

    • Hi Joe, You can spot Coronado by looking for a 3.5-star, 4.3-guest rated resort in Bonnet Creek. There are only 2 resorts with that set of ratings and location on Hotwire right now – the other one is Wyndham Bonnet Creek, but that appears in hidden deals as “3.5-star Condo” so is easy to spot.

      If you jump over to my January Hotwire deal post you’ll see a sample image of what Coronado looks like.

      If you jump forward to my March Hotwire Deals post you can see what we found for deals next month. Lately they seem to be dropping the blocks of deals for each month in the first or 2nd week of the previous month. Good luck!

  • Woohoo!

  • Had already booked Coronado by the time we saw your post. Got the entire week of the 15th at about $119 average. Thank you! Even with the Florida discount the hotwire deal was a lot better than Disney.

  • Come on March!!

    • MinnieMickey, Watch out for a new post from me soon that may or may not have March deals in it. (NARRATOR: It does.)

  • Interesting! I see Coronado out there with 11% off as well.

    Maybe these deals are a precursor to some real deals finally showing up in March. 🙂

  • Hey John!
    Just found a hidden Hotwire deal for Pop for March 8-11 (only could find it on the app weirdly enough). Deal isn’t good enough to book right now as it’s only 11% off 151.00/nt. Do you usually see decreases in price for these deals as we get closer to the trip dates?


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