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Last-Minute Chocolate and Romance at Disney World

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I can’t believe I’m about to admit this for all the world to see, but a few years ago I forgot about my wedding anniversary. For a month. If you’re a fellow forgetter of romantic holidays and milestones and have only just this minute realized that it’s Valentine’s Day, then this article is for you.

We’re going to tackle this from two directions: places to pick up a lovely sweet treat to share, and places for a last-minute date that have some atmosphere for your romantic moment. Oh, and in case you were worried, I’m still married. The fact that my husband just waited it out to see how long it would take me to remember? That should probably tell you all you need to know.

Last-Minute Sweets and Treats

Celebrating with your partner doesn’t have to be a big event; sometimes it’s the small thoughts that count. Chocolate is traditional for Valentine’s Day, but we wanted to go a bit bigger than “chocolate cupcake from the grab-and-go”. Here’s a very chocolatey list of items that are available to take away, or found at locations that don’t need a reservation.

Zebra Domes at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Zebra Domes are an Animal Kingdom Lodge classic. The official description is Chocolate Mousse baked with Amarula Cream Liquor-coated White Chocolate drizzled with Chocolate Stripes and Chocolate Shavings, but most of us just call them yummy. You can get Zebra Domes at the Mara – the Jambo House Quick Service location – or at the hotel shops of either Jambo House or Kidani Village.

Make it a date:  if you’re not staying at AKL, it can take a bit of time to get out there. But if you’ve got a bit of time, make it an event. Spend a while watching the animals on the hotel’s savanna, and maybe stop into the Victoria Falls Lounge for drinks and small plates.

A plate with several Zebra domes. Each dome-shaped desserts is a beige color on top of a darker brown base, and drizzled with chocolate.
Zebra Domes
African Triple Chocolate Mousse at Sanaa, Animal Kingdom Lodge

We’re back at Animal Kingdom Lodge, this time for a treat from the Kidani Village side of the resort. Dark Chocolate from Ghana, Milk Chocolate from Madagascar, Blonde Chocolate, Chocolate Almond Biscuit, and Strawberries, this beauty is available at Sanaa. While Sanaa often has last-minute reservations available, you don’t need to devote a whole meal to this dessert. Sanaa offers Table-Service-to-Go, so pick up your bit of delicious and find a lovely spot to enjoy it.

Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs

This isn’t just one dish, it’s basically anything on the menu. If you’ll be in the vicinity of Disney Springs, Amorette’s pastries and desserts taste great whether you devour them on the spot or save them for later. Amorette’s offers Mobile Order as well as counter service.

a countertop pastry case with a variety of fancy treats
Amorette’s Pastry Case
Werther’s Original Caramel S’More at Karamell Küche, EPCOT

We’re heading into the parks now, as Karamell Küche is located in EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion. We picked this item because it sounds a little fancy, but really, this is a store full of caramel and chocolate. Can you go wrong?

A sandwich of two cracker squares with the smooshed cylinder of a marshmallow between them; the whole thing is coated in milk chocolate.
Werther’s Caramel S’More
Pressed Penny Silk Pie from Casey’s Corner, Magic Kingdom

Dessert is not what most of us think of when Casey’s comes to mind, but this Chocolate Tart Shell, Silky Chocolate Filling, Sweet Whipped Cream, and a Chocolate-pressed Penny is right on the money. It’s one of the 50th Anniversary menu items, but we hope it sticks around.

Make it a date: c’mon, doesn’t Casey’s have a soda-fountain vibe? Put your heads together over a chili dog and pretend you’ve got to be home before curfew.

Black Forest Cake from Pastoral Palate, EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

We officially declare this dish the Valentine’s Day Romance Pick of the Festival. No, that’s not a thing but it should be. Scoop a dab of the heavenly chantilly cream, a dollop of piquant morello cherry, and some moist, fluffy cake and you’ll want to write love letters to the pastry chef who created this.

A thick, round disc of chocolate mousse is topped with a scoop of chantilly cream. A few spoonfuls of cherries in juice are artfully positioned on the plate.
Black Forest Cake: Chocolate Mousse with Morello Cherries and Chantilly Cream

If cherries aren’t your thing, then the Deco Delights booth also has some extremely elegant chocolate offerings.

The Ganachery, Disney Springs

Why wait for Valentine’s Day? You could bring your love treats from this specialty chocolate emporium all year round. They always have something new, and you know that for V-day whatever is new will be awesome.

A small dark chocolate cauldron, exquisitely detailed, sits on a plate. A printed white chocolate decoration tops it, and a small broom made of chocolate leans against it. The bag in the background is labeled "The Ganachery"
Chocolate Cauldron from the Ganachery
Chocolate Semolina Torta from Trattoria al Forno, Disney’s Boardwalk

One of the most decadent items on Trattoria al Forno’s dessert menu is the Chocolate Semolina Torta with Brachetto Cream, Candied Almonds, Meringue Kisses and Berries. But we’ll be honest, there are several others and you can get any of them using Table Service to Go from this restaurant.

Steakhouse 71 Chocolate Cake, Steakhouse 71 at the Contemporary

There is a lot of chocolate cake at Disney World, but most of it is not like this cake. Layers of Jack Daniels-infused Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Raspberries are rich and satisfying. When I ate this cake last August it took four of us to finish it, so be prepared.

Steakhouse 71 only offers Table-Service-to-Go for guests of the Contemporary, but you can drop into the adjacent lounge which serves the full menu. Still too much effort? The Contempo Cafe Quick Service upstairs serves an excellent Flourless Chocolate Cake.

Steakhouse 71 chocolate cake
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Waffles, Ale & Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club

If you want to get your chocolate fix in the morning, these Chocolate Waffles are just the ticket as they’re only served until 11 a.m. The Ale & Compass almost always has last-minute reservations but you can also order through Table-Service-to-Go. If you miss the waffles, the dinner menu has Enchanted Forrest Cake​: Black Forrest Cake with Mascarpone Mousse, Sour Cherry Center, Meringues, and a Milk Chocolate Crunch. 

Make it a date: Grab your food and head over to Hurricane Hanna’s adjacent to the Stormalong Bay pool. Eat your waffles looking out over the beach and Crescent Lake.

Chocolate Waffles from Ale & Compass
The Pastry Case at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, EPCOT

When Les Halles first opened in EPCOT in 2013, it was a game-changer for Quick Service in the World Showcase. Today, its macarons are as delicious as they ever were, and so is everything else. We promise you won’t regret it.

Crispy Almond Phyllo Pockets, Tangierine Cafe, EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

These are not chocolate. But honestly, I urge you to click on the image below and open the link to Instagram with the full video and audio experience of Len enjoying these beauties. We promise, you’ll want one of what he’s having.

Click to watch on Instagram

Last-Minute Dates at Disney World

We kind of gave away the game already here, slipping in suggestions for Animal Kingdom Lodge, Casey’s Corner, and Ale & Compass in the previous section. But we have a few more tricks up our sleeve, starting with ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream.

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop in Disney Springs

Hey, it says Chocolate Shop and Soda Fountain. It seems made for a date! And those with peanut allergies should know – while there is still potential for supply-chain cross-contamination, Ghirardelli’s does not serve any peanut-related toppings or ice cream in this store.

Treats from Ghirardelli
Gelateria Toscana at EPCOT

Ah, Italy, a country that is almost synonymous with romance. Their Festival booth offerings may have a reputation for mediocrity, but the Gelateria can really bring it with the frozen desserts. Find a picturesque location to sit and enjoy your treats: in the Italy Pavilion that shouldn’t be a big ask.

Gelateria Toscana

If you’re in Disney Springs, Vivoli il Gelato is less atmospheric but has a much wider selection of flavors.

Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Coronado Springs

Just take a quick look at the picture below, and you’ll see why this is a recommended spot. This Table Service location doesn’t take reservations, so plan to arrive early or use the walk-up waitlist that will let you enjoy Coronado’s lush grounds while you wait. All else failing, Three Bridges offers Mobile Order and it’s far from the only spot at Coronado with a great view that you can enjoy with your food.

Three Bridges Bar & Grill
Head to the Riviera

Disney World’s newest resort has a variety of lovely settings. Grab something yummy from Bar Riva, sit in the swings on the lawn, and take the world’s shortest museum tour of the beautiful mosaics in the lobbies.

One side of Rapunzel’s mosaic arch at the Riviera
Go For a Walk (or a Picnic) on the Beach

Several resorts have scenic beaches where you can bring a meal or just go for a stroll. We recommend the ones at Caribbean Beach, the Polynesian, and the Beach Club.

Wrapping Up

So it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re still here reading a blog article? What are you waiting for, go, go, go! Of course, odds are good that you’re seeing this at some later point in time. Whatever you have to celebrate, these ideas can still help make your experience special. And if you happen to be looking for a way to propose … you can check out 101 Ways to Propose at Walt Disney World TODAY.

What’s your favorite way to add a little something special on a Disney vacation? Did you remember to plan it in advance? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Both my wife and I would regularly forget our anniversary. A week or so later, we’d look at each other and say “We missed it again.” Just another reason to go to WDW.

    • See?! I knew I wasn’t the only one.:-)

  • Love all these ideas, and I would add that my wife and I and our kids would crawl over broken glass for Gideons cookies and cakes.

    • Hi Steve, I’m so glad you mentioned this because I ran this list by a couple other people and we were super-divided whether to add it or not. Eventually I decided that I wasn’t going to put it on because we couldn’t agree on it, but I was secretly hoping that someone would bring it up because it also didn’t quite feel right to leave it off.


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