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Limited Time Magic for Disneyland – Enjoy the Magic of the Matterhorn

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The Matterhorn at Disneyland is a Disney theme park staple, and one of the fun events for Limited Time Magic this year will be the ability to enjoy the Alpine melodies of Happy Hans and his son, Erik. Listen as they play their signature tunes that celebrate those famous mountain climbers that climb the peak once again this summer.

In addition, be sure to get into the Matterhorn spirit by heading to Edelweiss Snacks and picking up a yummy Matterhorn Macaroon. (For a limited time only!)

Enjoy this experience from July 8 – 14 and be sure to pick up a Times Guide for more information.

Yodel ay hee hoo!

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Rikki Niblett

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3 thoughts on “Limited Time Magic for Disneyland – Enjoy the Magic of the Matterhorn

  • Thanks Rikki! I meant to type “are available YEAR-ROUND.” More macaroons are always a good thing! 🙂

  • Yum, Matterhorn Macaroons! FYI, those are available at Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main St. Edelweiss Snacks is the spot for chili-lime corn and pork shanks!

    • Well…for a limited time…you can get them at Edelweiss too! More Macaroony goodness! 🙂

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