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Major Change for Disney Vacation Club Resales

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If you’re looking to purchase into Disney Vacation Club, you need to be aware of a major change that could make a difference in how you decide to purchase your points in the future.

Going forward, new Disney Vacation Club members who do not purchase their ownership interest directly from Disney will no longer have access to exclusive Membership extras. Membership extras include things like discounts on annual passes, restaurants, and merchandise. Other Membership extras that resale owners will not be able to take advantage of include exclusive movie screenings, membership cruises, the upcoming DVC lounge that will be found in Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion, and Member exclusive events. (Plus, any additional perks that come down the pipeline going forward.)

This is the second removal of perks for those who purchase their Disney Vacation Club points on the resale market. Back in 2011, DVC stopped allowing those buying resale points to use them for Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, and outside hotel chains.

One thing is for certain with these announced changes – it will certainly be interesting to see how this change impacts the Disney Vacation Club secondary market going forward.


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14 thoughts on “Major Change for Disney Vacation Club Resales

  • For us, the AP discounts would be around $1200 a year. We were getting ready to make an offer on a Boardwalk resale but won’t be buying resale or direct from Disney now. We do not like the studios, we prefer deluxe hotel rooms (with two regular beds). So would use our DVC points for one bedroom accommodations and did not want to purchase at the Polynesian for this reason. I suspect resale values will tank and I would be very hesitant to attempt a purchase due to the way that this was handled (no real notice etc.. ).

  • If you purchase through ressle do we still get memory maker for free?

  • I’m glad we bought when we did, and are “Grandfathered” in. The loss of “perks” would not have been enough to keep us from buying via resale. We only use our points for rooms at Disney resorts, and we always get Annual Passes, so we’d get our meal discount and room discounts that way. I don’t really like the idea of Disney doing stuff like this, but I’m just glad that the DVC resale market still exists.

  • I just went through an extensive process with Disney and my DVC resale agent. The changes took effect on 4/04/16. This means if Disney right of refusal was prior to that date (4/4/16), DVC resale purchaser will not be affected by the new changes. What are the changes? Resale owners will not be eligible to purchase discounted annual ticket passes, selected discounts at Disney resturants and merchandise (approximately 10-15%), use of the new Epcot lounge (free soda, PC, charging stations), use of Bay Lake Towers fireworks lounge, pop-up discounts on vacation packages (up to 30%) and whatever “specials” Disney provides.
    I believe this new rule stinks and purchasing a resale is good for the consumer and Disney. Why spend $100 + on Sarasota when you can buy it on the resale market for $80? Disney still collects the annual maintenance fees.
    THE LOOP HOLE……. If the discounts really mean a lot, you can still purchase a DVC resale (sort of) and get the benefits……but Disney will soon catch up and change it quickly. You can purchase a DVC at the lowest level of 25 points (25 points are the lowest amount to purchase in order to transfer full membership). Then purchase a DVC resale. Ensure the annual use is the same month. Now you are a full member and receive all the benefits. Example: Purchase 25 points for Sarasota Resort directly from Disney, the cost will probably be approximately $100+ PP in May. Then purchase a resale from any DVC resale agent for use year of May……now you have all the benefits of a full DVC member! This calculation could save you thousands of $$!
    I would act fast because Disney is very savvy and the have teams of investigators who check and submit proposals to change loopholes!
    Overall, I love Disney, but I find it difficult to appreciate the Disney Corp. when they make changes that effect the pockets of their guest…..I understand that it is a business and they have to make profits but it’s disappointing when American families suffer when Disney nickel and dimes our pockets! Good luck, I hope this helped!

  • They’d really have to start making the discounts MUCH better to have any impact on resales IMO.

  • The impact on the DVC resale market is interesting. I’d guess that it will push the resale price down since some people will find less use for purchased points.
    The optimal strategy may turn out to be buying a minimum number of points from Disney and then buying as many resale points from other members at depressed prices.

  • “Going forward” means those that already purchased via resale in the past are grandfathered in and still receive the discounts, correct?

    • I wouldn’t expect it, since they can validate your membership at the point of use (movie, lounge, AP purchase, etc.)

    • I read the original article and answered my own question!

    • They can apparently take away anything they want. “(Plus, any additional perks that come down the pipeline going forward.)”

  • What if I bought my original points right from Disney, but want to pick up some extra points through resale? I should still be able to use my discounts since I have original Disney points.

    • That would be correct. As long as you have bought some points through Disney, you should still get the perks.

  • You know, other than the AP discount, I never use my DVC (bought through Disney) benefits. The other discounts are available through other programs. My guess is that this will drive new owners to Disney, which will hopefully keep resale prices lower for current owners who want to buy more points. I can’t imagine buying OKW or SSR from Disney at $100+ a point instead of considerably less at resale just for the benefits. It just doesn’t add up from a financial standpoint.

    • I read this announcement and thought: who would pay a lot of extra money so they don’t lose out on exclusive movie screenings? The horror! Even the annual pass discount is only $100.

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