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Minnie Van Service Sees Pricing Change

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If you’ve used Disney’s ride share service, the Minnie Vans before, I have details on an update to the service that you’re definitely going to want to know about. The pricing of the Minnie Vans have changed. Now, pricing is going to vary based on distance you are traveling – from pick-up location to requested destination. Guests will now see the total cost for their ride and be able to pay for the service conveniently through the Lyft app. Previously, Minnie Vans cost a set $25 no matter where you were going around the Walt Disney World Resort.

So, I thought I’d take a look and compare this new pricing structure, compared to just taking a Lyft. I thought I’d run my test by traveling a pretty decent distance, so I set my starting destination at Disney Springs and wanted to be dropped off at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Do keep in mind that this is a test and pricing can change.

To just get a regular Lyft to complete this trip, the cheapest option is $10.28.


Moving on to the Luxury option, the cheapest option will cost you $22.15.



If you need to include extra seats in your vehicle with Lyft, it will cost $17.12.


Now, let’s look at the pricing of the Minnie Van. The cost of the Minnie Van to take this ride is $32.85. (More than the initial $25 by a good amount!)

The Lyft option with the extra seats is probably the most comparable to the Minnie Van, as far as seating goes, since both can carry 6 Guests. and you can see, that a Minnie Van is almost double in cost.

I’m going to be honest. With this recent price change, unless you just aren’t comfortable with Lyft or Uber, need to travel to a destination where a Minnie Van would drop you off in a special location (like at the Magic Kingdom or for Guests looking to go to Hoop De Doo Revue), or just really want to ride in a Minnie Van, taking a Lyft or Uber is going to be your cheapest option, by far, and it’s the option I would suggest doing.  Now, there are a few instances when that isn’t true that using Lyft or Uber is cheaper, like if you wanted a Luxury Black XL vehicle, but for the most part, there is considerable savings by using the other ride share options, instead of the Minnie Vans.

This change in pricing comes on the heels of the other recent Minnie Van Service option, where now Guests can use the service to and from the Orlando International Airport.

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6 thoughts on “Minnie Van Service Sees Pricing Change

  • I had fully intended on using a Minnie Van for our upcoming trip since we’ll need carseats. But now no way. Such a disappointment.

  • …and the Disney price gouging inevitably sets in. Let’s not do them a favor and be blindly-following dolts that willingly pay it.

  • What’s really frustrating for me is that we need two carseats (twins) and Uber and Lyft just don’t seem to offer that, which locks us into Minnie Vans. I didn’t mind the idea when it was only $20-25. This price increase is just too much, we’ll just have to suffer on the bus.

    • I was looking forward to trying this in my upcoming trip with my kids – it’s tough going on the bus with a double stroller…..I suppose I have no choice now. 🙁

  • We were excited to try one just to try one on our trip this past weekend. But regular Lyft was less than 10 bucks each way. Minnie Vans could not compete (and frankly weren’t trying to).

  • Kind of a bummer – we used it when it was $20 last year and found it totally worth it. This doesn’t seem worth it anymore (except maybe to hoop-dee-do). I’m wondering how much a short trip would be… and do they give you the price before you book like Lyft normally does? Thanks!

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