Minnie Vans Now Available to All Walt Disney World Resort Guests

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Last year, at the D23 Expo, Disney introduced their version of a ride share system. Called Minnie Vans, these vehicles are driven by Disney Cast Members and the whole thing is powered through the Lyft app. At first, as this service was rolled out, only Guests staying at select Walt Disney World Hotels could use the Minnie Vans. Now, however, anyone visiting the Walt Disney World Resort can utilize the ride share option.

Minnie Vans can only take Guests to locations throughout the Walt Disney World property. (So no going to Target to pick up supplies.) There is the exception that some resorts are offering that allow Minnie Vans to take Guests to the Orlando International Airport, but there are certain stipulations with that. The vehicles are private vans that are are roomy and comfortable.

How does it work? First, you’ll need to download the Lyft app on your mobile device. If you open it from anywhere at Walt Disney World Resort, you’ll be able to select the Minnie Van service option. You’ll then need to confirm your current pickup location. From there, you’ll enter what Walt Disney World destination you’re looking to get to and hit “Request”. You’ll be able to track the vehicle that’s in route to you via a map on the app and you’ll also receive an identifying vehicle number which will help you figure out which vehicle is yours when it pulls up. Oh and because Disney has partnered with Lyft, you can pay right through the app.

The Minnie Van service is $25 per trip, per vehicle and the vehicles can fit up to six passengers. There are even two car seats that will be available for anyone who has little ones in their family. For those who need accessible vehicles, those are available as well.

Current the Minnie Van service is only available from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

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One thought on “Minnie Vans Now Available to All Walt Disney World Resort Guests

  • June 5, 2018 at 1:19 pm

    What can guests from U.K. With no Lyft app do? Can it be done by the front guest or through the Magic Band?


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