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The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! – Disney Outlet Store Update for DECEMBER 2020

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Magic, The Memories, and Merch!, the longest running monthly look at the Disney Outlet Stores in Orlando. Today we’re going to close out 2020 with a look at a whole bunch of merchandise before they make their way to the Disney Dump. I, “Discount Derek,” have you covered in Florida while Christela “Clearance” McC is out in California checking out items at an outlet closer to Disneyland.

Now one thing we all know about 2020 is the “new normal” we are all living in. When the Disney Outlet stores reopened this Summer, we talked about the limited amount of guests they are letting into the stores at any given moment. During popular times of the day, a Cast Member will be outside the store putting guests into a virtual queue. After signing up, you will be sent a text of when you can come back to go into the actual Character Warehouse store.

So, I stopped by the Disney Outlets on a late Sunday evening, expecting very little crowds. When it’s not that busy, there is no virtual queue and you can walk right into the Character Warehouse.

Turns out, I was like one of those families who show up to Walt Disney World during Christmas week expecting low crowds…

My reaction?

About an hour later, I was texted that it was time to go back to the store and get into a small queue. At this point, it was a “one in, one out” policy. It was a about a five minute wait in this queue to get into the actual store.

Let’s look at some items related to Christmas first. I liked these ornaments featuring Minnie and Mickey. Great artwork. Originally $12.99, now $4.99.

For the past few months we’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of unsold Redd plush and Funko Pops at the Outlets. This was the character introduced to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in response to “the massive complaints from two people.” The Redd ornament has been reduced to $3.99. Redd is a major “event” in the history of WDW and I wouldn’t be surprised to see these become collector’s items to Disneyana fans years from now.

This Christmas stocking featuring Chip & Dale on the Tea Cups was very cute. Reduced to $10.99.

Minnie in front of the castle was originally $29.99, now $12.99 while pirate Pluto was reduced to $9.99. Great attention to detail with Pluto’s stocking being in the shape of a pirate boot.

That stocking was so cute, I knew it was time for an upgrade for someone back at home…

This plastic dish with cup holder was originally from the Food & Wine Festival of 2019. It was originally $7.99, reduced to just 99 cents. Basically when something is under a buck, I feel compelled to buy it just on principle. However these are also useful to have at the house when we have picnics outside.

This magnet was from the 2020 Flower and Garden Festival. Originally $9.99, now $3.99. Love the design but we already have too many magnets at home. You know what, I think I’m looking at that the wrong way. It’s not that we have too many magnets, we have a fridge that’s too small. Time for an upgrade just for magnet holding!

Flower and Garden 2020 keychain. Reduced to $2.99. You can “spin” the Mickey head like from a game of Twister.

When we went to Flower and Garden earlier this year, we were considering picking up this hat but the price was a little too high. Seeing it at the Outlets made for a nice Christmas surprise. (“Yeah, I noticed you loved the hat so I went back and bought it. I don’t care how much it costs, you’re worth it.”)

This is fantastic. We’ve seen these bonkers Disco Ball-like plush just sitting on the shelves over the past few months. This month they were discounted even lower as a “Black Friday” special. Keep in mind, this picture was taken in DECEMBER.

Maybe the oddest sign was this one though, reducing the price of a Racer Launch set an extra $1.75 (25% discount on the already discounted price).

I bought one for the kiddos.

Button set. Originally $9.99, now just 99 cents, so of course I bought one.

Pin time. First up, some pins featuring characters from Pixar’s Onward. Watched the film. Enjoyed the film. Couldn’t name either one of them if you had a gun to my head. Price reduced to $3.99 each.

I think the Soarin’ pin on the left looks kinda weird, but enjoy the one on the right even though Mickey more than resembles that kid in line for Santa in A Christmas Story who tells Ralphie, “I like the Wizard of Oz. I like the Tin Man.” Pins reduced to $3.99.

Always enjoyed this Test Track design. Reduced to $5.99.

Weird Minnie DCL pin and an much better Minnie Animal Kingdom pin. Both $5.99.

The VHS-style merchandise is my jam.  Digging this iPhone case featuring The Lion King. Originally $29.99, now $7.99

Such a wonderful notebook featuring The Little Mermaid. Originally $16.99, now $4.99.

Our next item is a small tote themed to the Animal Kingdom. Great design on the front and you have to love Donald blinding himself with the flash.

Sold back design as well.

Inside the tote was a variety of items for kids. Originally $22.99, now $9.99.

Shocked that these plush featuring Nala and Simba made it to the outlets. Shocked* Reduced to $9.99.

*not shocked

Who in the world was asking for plush from the live action remake of Lady & the Tramp?!! Originally $29.99, now $14.99.

We are on a roll of unsellable plush now with this one from Pandora: The World of Avatar. I think it’s called a Thanator? Who knows. Originally $19.99, now $7.99.

Some of the plush from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that is supposed to look “hand made.” Here we have the characters Finn and Watto. Originally $19.99, now $7.99. The items from Pandora: The World of Avatar that were supposed to appear to be “hand made” were the very first things to appear from that land in the Outlets, so it was surprising to see Disney go all-in on that concept for Galaxy’s Edge. Even so, why would they EVER think there would be a market for Watto plush? Did they even watch The Phantom Menace? The only possible person this type of product could be made for is the hardest of hardcore Star Wars fans and I highly doubt they are buying a bunch of plush that looks like it was made for an eight-year-old kid.

Let’s stick with Star Wars and check out this MagicBand2 featuring Lando from the movie Solo. Reduced to $7.99.

I’m apparently living in my own universe because the next item blew my mind. Upon first glance, looked like a cool pair of lightsabers for the reduced price of $3.99. Not bad. Of course I’m gonna get a pack.

Then I saw what they were. Hair Sticks. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

Originally $15.99

I never had an interest in playing the Disney Infinity video game, but always loved the idea of a set of figures featuring characters from multiple brands all done in the exact same style. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean could plausibly interact with Sully from Monsters Inc or Luke Skywalker from Star Wars because they were all done in the same art style and at the same scale. While the video game flamed out pretty fast, the style has continued on in the “ToyBox” line of figures. These are even better looking than the smaller figurines used for the Disney Infinity game.  Here we have Rey from the latest Star Wars movies. Reduced to $6.99. If they made The Mandalorian and “Baby Yoda” in this exact same style? I’d purchase no questions asked for $20. Easy.

Star Wars magnet from the Disney Cruise Line. This is a pretty great design actually coming up with a unique way to incorporate “Mickey Ears” into the artwork. Originally $9.99, now $5.99. If I were on this sailing I definitely would have bought one at full price because that’s a perfect souvenir.

What is it with Disney and patches?! This month a whole slew made their way to the Outlets again, including many based on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. First we have this one featuring the Travel Poster-like for Batuu. Originally $9.99, now $3.99.

Droid Depot patch. Originally $9.99, now $3.99.

This set features 3 of the 4 positions of Milennium Falcon, so even the patches know getting Engineer sucks. Originally $29.99, now $9.99.

First Order patches. Originally $9.99, reduced to $3.99.

BB-8 sipper, originally $24.99, now $7.99.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge grand opening cups. Originally $22.99, now $9.99.

Similar texture to the Galaxy’s Edge grand opening cup, but this is a Spaceship Earth-themed sipper. Originally $17.99, now $9.99.

I feel like this is the perfect cup for any INFLUENCER in your life. Reduced to $5.99.

Can you imagine drinking anything out of this Rock N’ Roller Coaster mug? Originally $22.99, now $5.99.

Still more practical than this mug featuring the van from Onward. This is just INSANE. Originally $19.99, now $5.99.

Absolutely love any mash-up of Pirates of the Caribbean “dog with a key” moment and the “hitchhiking ghosts” from Haunted Mansion. This Toy Story mug features BOTH. Wow! Reduced to $5.99.

Pixar ball mug. Reduced to $5.99.

Stitch mug, originally $19.99, now $5.99.

Pua mug, with one of the ears as a handle. What I wouldn’t do to be a part of one of the pitch meetings where these designs are created and approved. Originally $22.99, now $5.99.

You gotta love this Disney Cruise Line cup featuring Hawaii. Just fantastic. Originally $29.99, now $7.99.

Oftentimes I’ll be at the Outlet Stores and come across an item and it reminds me of a moment in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. In the movie, Pee Wee comes across a burning pet store, and he immediately runs in to rescue all the animals. He made several trips in and out of the store. Rescuing the cats, dogs, hamsters and the like. On each trip back into the store he would stop by the snakes and shudder, like he wasn’t going to save them. Of course, at the end he ran out with the snakes.

Anyway, that’s how I feel having to take photos of stuff like this.

Toy Story pizza planet pencil case. Reduced to $7.99.

I guess these framed pieces of artwork are supposed to be worn around your neck? That’s straight up bonkers. Aside from just how weird it is to wear a framed painting (I mean do they sell the framed Mona Lisa on a lanyard in The Louvre gift shop?) in order read the small writing on it, another person would have to be like two inches away from you. Originally $29.99, now $4.99.

One for the fans of 101 Dalmatians as well.

A much better option is this magnet set. The three pieces of artwork can be changed out on the easel. Originally $24.99, now $12.99.

Staying with magnets, here is a neat DCL Transatlantic sailing magnet that has the Old Timey artwork we’ve seen used for parks merchandise. Reduced to $4.99.

Fun Animal Kingdom magnet. Reduced to $3.99. What is Minnie doing? Is she holding a compass? Did she pull the lens cover off Donald’s camera?

Mickey Cupcake magnet. Reduced to $5.99.

These mini-diorama sets are really cool in my opinion, but I can see why they may not connect to a larger audience. Originally $16.99, now $4.99.

Here’s one for the all-time books. This keychain features Stitch, but it’s not just his head…

You can “open for a surprise” as the Stitch thing has a small area to put who-knows-what. Maybe like 5 coins? WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS?!!

Going to invoice this to Len Testa under “Xanax holder.”



However I somehow found the will to pass on this Pluto thing.

If you remember last month there were a metric ton of princess key chains. This month Anna and Elsa joined the collection. Reduced to $3.99 each.

Little Mermaid as well. Same price.

Donald and Mickey head keychains. I like this classic style. $2.99.

Mickey silhouette keychains. Both the Pride and EPCOT flag versions were $2.99 each.

Old Timey Minnie Mouse keychain. Legs totally not to scale which makes my review = ZERO STARS. Reduced to $2.99.


I hate Metal Earth. I think you know I hate Metal Earth. Well, one thing I hate more than Metal Earth are these goofy UGEARS nonsense.

“All the fun and excitement of putting together a piece of IKEA furniture” should be the tagline. Originally $17.99, now $4.99.

Before I lose my mind, let’s head on out to CALIFORNIA and see what Christela McC has found for us this month…

These colorful Disneyland sweaters were originally $49.99, reduced to $15.99.

Cars Land hats were originally $27.99, now $6.99.

Disneyland Resort pin, reduced to $3.99.

I can’t even fathom Disney trying to sell this Droid Depot pin set at the original price of $32.99. It has been reduced to “just” $9.99. “I’m out of it for a little while and everybody gets delusions of grandeur.” – Han Solo, Return of the Jedi

Another pin set from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, all featuring the actual Milennium Falcon or elements of the ride Smugglers Run. Originally $29.99, now $9.99.

In another moment that is completely NOT FAIR TO FLORIDA, the Black Spire Outpost patch has been reduced to $2.99 in California. That’s a full dollar less than our price in Orlando.

Haunted Mansion patches. Originally $19.99, now $3.99.

We’ll close with this cute Disneyland Resort Halloween tote.  Originally $24.99, now $9.99.

Thanks Christela!!! Alright, welcome back to FLORIDA and before we had back into the Outlets, look like there has been some interesting developments while we were away…


Lighting fixtures at Orlando Premium Outlets, home of the world famous Disney Outlet Store. (photo by Blog Mickey)
Lighting fixtures at EPCOT. (photo by Blog Mickey)

Meanwhile, one of our dedicated Outlet Report readers noticed ShopDisney was trying to take food off the Disney Outlet Stores’ table with these offerings…

You have to wonder, who are these even for?! This are the type of shirts you give away to employees of a company during an anniversary as a thank you. To charge people for them? WHAAAAAAAAAAT

Let’s check out some clothes from the actual Disney Outlets, including this one for Rise of the Resistance. Originally $24.99, now $7.99.

Fun kid’s shirts featuring characters from Moana (originally $19.99, now $7.99) and Zootopia (originally $24.99, now $14.99).

Another shirt featuring Hei Hei from Moana.

Pizza Planet and a denim-style Sheriff Woody sweatshirts. Pizza Planet version reduced to $29.99 while Woody was down to $24.99.

Soarin’ pilot’s jacket for those freezing Florida nights when the weather drops below 74 degrees. Originally $59.99, now $19.99.

Not just a bib for your baby, a SuperBib. Originally $14.99, now $8.99.

Ear Hat featuring the flags of countries in EPCOT’s World Showcase. I wonder how all pieces of merchandise like this will be going forward with Disney running the Morocco Pavillion? Maybe the Morocco flag will be replaced with a picture of Baby Yoda or something. Anyway, hat was originally $19.99, now $7.99

Cute Mickey Mouse Ear Hat for kids, including a tiny tail in the back.

it’s a small world headband, reduced to $7.99.

As much as I loved seeing the Flower and Garden hat, hard pass on this similar one themed to – of all things – Dole Whip. Reduced to $7.99.

Face masks have made their way to the Outlets. I have a feeling this time next month the store will have 4 times as many for sale.

Face masks for one and all

Not often we see umbrellas for sale at the outlets, especially themed ones. Usually it’s the small fold up ones they will offer for $5.

I was THIS CLOSE to buying the Tiki Room umbrella.

As close as I was to buying that umbrella I was just as far AWAY from buying this Test Track vanity license plate. They literally could have offered it to me for free at the counter and I’d say “no thanks.”

Cute Nemo luggage tag. Originally $8.95, now $2.99.

Here is the back of the luggage tag.

Stitch luggage tag, same price.

This monstrosity is a acrylic photo frame that also acts as a poor man’s snow globe or something. Originally $19.99, now $4.99.

Speaking of weird frames, this one features the mossy wall from Pandora: The World of Avatar. Originally $29.99, now $9.99.

This photo frame featuring Belle is much better. Love the stained glass rose. Originally $24.99, now $9.99.

Rapunzel themed frame, same price.

This Rapunzel themed notepad is next level bonkers. Originally $9.99, now $4.99.

Adventureland themed PATCHES~! Originally $19.99, now $8.99.

Before we leave you for this year, we ponder this question from another dedicated Outlet Report reader…


BEFORE YOU ASK: There are actually two Disney outlet stores in Orlando. Both are in Orlando Premium Outlets shopping complexes, and they are called Disney’s Character Warehouse, presumably because The Land Of Misfit Toys was already trademarked. There is one Character Warehouse located on International Drive close to Universal Studios (4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819), and the other is on Vineland Avenue, right across I-4 near the exits to Disney World (8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821). They do not ship. There are items at the Outlets that you can buy both in Disney stores along with the Shop Disney Parks app, but you will be paying full retail for the items. For our CALIFORNIA OUTLET trips, @ChristelaMcC goes to the Las Americas outlet in San Diego. It is located right off the last U.S. exit.

I often get asked “which store is better?” That depends. Vineland is close to Walt Disney World, while the I-Drive location is a hop, skip, and jump away from the Universal Orlando Resort. The Vineland Disney Outlet Store is much, MUCH bigger than the I-Drive location. However, the Vineland outlets in general are much, MUCH busier than I-Drive. Each have their pros and cons, and ultimately they carry much of the same items. For a Disney Outlet Store FAQ, check out this SATURDAY SIX Presents: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Disney Outlet Stores (But Were Afraid To Ask)

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4 thoughts on “The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! – Disney Outlet Store Update for DECEMBER 2020

  • I think the intention of the Stitch head keychain is to hold quarters for vending machines. I bought two a few years ago as a souvenir for one of my coworker’s kids.

  • I feel like that random Waddo plush would be something your Grandma would send you on your birthday because she knows you like “that Space Wars” movie. Great report as always, thanks!

  • FYI: those “framed art pieces you wear around your neck” are ornaments! They were sold in Days of Christmas at Springs.


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