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Mobile Checkout is a Welcome Convenience

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Disney quietly rolled out mobile checkout at MouseGear at EPCOT and is slowly introducing it at locations all around property. The process is very simple.

Grab a clear plastic shopping bag from a helpful cast member.

Using the MyDisneyExperience app, select the store you are in and scan items in the app as you put them into your bag.



Check out through the app to get a QR code showing that you’ve paid. Because it is linked to your MyDisneyExperience app, discounts that you have linked in your account (such as annual passholder) are automatically applied.

Have the QR code scanned by a cast member as you leave to finalize the transaction and easily verify the items in your bag (hence clear bags instead of the old-style blue ones).


The process is quick, easy, and great for a reduced-contact world. We’re excited to see this rolled out to other locations around property.

What are your thoughts about mobile checkout? Is this something you’d love to use to save time waiting in line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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One thought on “Mobile Checkout is a Welcome Convenience

  • I think it is awesome that companies are starting to get on board with mobile/contactless payment options. I know I use my card and tap to pay as much as possible.

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