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New Canadian Lumberjack Show Debuts at Epcot

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This weekend, I was walking around Epcot and was able to catch one of the first shows of the all new Canadian Lumberjacks Show located on the Mill Stage at the Canada Pavilion. The new live entertainment offering lasts for about 15 minutes or so, and while I was there for what’s still considered to be a preview, the show seems to be what we all suspected it would be: a traditional log competition show.

The show started with introductions; there are two teams, a red team and a blue team, and, yes, they are wearing flannel indicating who’s who.


The show starts with axe throwing, where the participants take a large axe and throw it at a target, getting points based on how close they get it to the bulls-eye.



The next competition involves traditional log sawing with hand-held cross-cut saws. The winner is whomever finishes first.



The third event is called hot-saw racing, and it involves chainsaws. Keep in mind these chainsaws are extremely loud, so if you’ve got those with sensitive ears in your group, make sure they cover their ears or bring ear plugs.



The final event is the underhand chop, where they chop a piece of wood in half by standing on the log and swinging the axe in between their legs. Wood flies everywhere during this event, and while they do keep guests pretty far away from the stage for safety, just be aware that chunks of wood could potentially fly pretty darn far.

The host tries to keep things light with jokes, and he also does explain what is going on, teaching guests about the different techniques being displayed. I did learn a thing or two about sawing; however, I will say the show overall was just ok. I am not someone who is bitter about Off Kilter going away, and I really did give this show a full chance, so that is not clouding my assessment of the show. During the show I caught, it was clear that there were still some kinks being worked out, and I could see nerves were playing a part, too. The guys who put on this show are clearly trying, working hard to perform the different acts that are a part of the competition, and they are likely well aware that quite a few guests are not going to like them clearly based on principle, so for that I give them credit for the valiant effort that they are putting forth. But, honestly, this is a show that I think most guests will catch as they are walking past and not something that I think guests will make an effort to see (unless they really like lumberjack shows).

Do keep in mind that for the next week or so, this show is in soft-opening mode, so things may change a bit as we move forward.

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17 thoughts on “New Canadian Lumberjack Show Debuts at Epcot

  • My husband and I saw the new lumberjack show for the first time tonight. It was not a Disney quality performance. To say it was cringeworthy is an understatement.

  • This has to be one of the dumbest ideas Disney has ever come up with. ESPN used to show this stuff late at night because they had no other programming and it was cheap. I guess this is synergy, badly done synergy though

  • You’ve got to be S*()ing me! This is not in any way entertaining. Not unless they are giving away Unibroue beer to catch a crowd. Seriously Disney Company, the sounds of chain saws wafting over WS Lagoon makes most folks run from the sound not towards it.

  • What is the chance I will watch this more than once? Slim and I like this kind of stuff. I made sure I watched Off Kilter on every visit to EPCOT. It looks like a demonstration and not entertainment.

  • I have a feeling that I will need to hurry my husband past this show when we visit in November or he will start singing Monthy Python’s Lumberjack song!

  • I was hoping that the new show would alleviate the “loudness factor” that was my biggest issue with Off Kilter. Sounds like we may have gone in the opposite direction.

  • Hmmm, Flannel in Florida in the summer… Yep, sounds like a great idea to me!

  • Saw the show on Sunday. Definitely not up to Disney standards. Can believe Off Kilter was canned for this!

  • Hmmmmmmmmm. I am happy I own a pile of Off Kilter CD’s which now live in my iTunes library. Maybe I can just put on a headset and listen, while I watch the Lumberjack Show.

  • My wife and I went on an Alaskan cruise over a decade ago and the excursions were all pretty weak for one of the stops, a lumber jack show was the least expensive and so we decided we’d do that just for something to do. It ended up being the best excursion and one of our favorite parts of the trip (maybe because of low expectations?), it’s nothing I ever thought I’d really care about but it was actually really neat to see in person. Things change, give it a shot, in 20 years when they pull this thing there are going to be just as many people complaining about whatever comes after not being able to beat it!

  • Was any mention made of what happens to the chopped up wood pieces after the show? Did the wood seem like it was in a salvageable condition when they were done with it? It just seems so wasteful based on the descriptions I’ve seen here and elsewhere, but I hope I’m wrong and the materials can be put to some use afterward.

    • I heard a rumor that the chips are collected and made into snacks for the vegan F&W booth

    • I was also wondering that. It just seems like a ton of wood to go through ever day.

  • You have got to be kidding me.

  • I really have to wonder who in the Disney ranks thought this would be a good substitute for a well-liked musical group? It’s just ridiculous…and a matter of time before someone gets hit with flying bits of wood.

    I really don’t get it.

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