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New Details About Upcoming NBA Experience at Disney Springs

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2019 is going to be a big year at Walt Disney World and one of the new additions, (minus that big carrot at the end of the year, known as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge), is going to be the NBA Experience, which is slated to open at Disney Springs in the location of the former Disney Quest. This new experience will be a one-of-a-kind destination that will feature hands-on activities all with the design of highlighting the excitement of basketball.

“Developed with the NBA, and inspired by the league’s 29 arenas around the country, NBA Experience will highlight the heart-pounding action and excitement of the NBA world,” said Stan Dodd, Executive Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering. “From training simulations and clock-racing competitions to fan-favorite NBA moments – we’re bringing new experiences and thrilling games to life to make fans truly feel like a star player.”

The NBA Experience will be an immersive place that will allow Guests to do things like:

  • Experience the NBA Draft with a photo moment that recreates the big moment
  • Track and improve their jump shots and passing skills in a replicated NBA Combine challenge, complete with a scouting report that highlights their stats at the end of the session
  • Step onto the court and participate in a series of timed jump shots and hear the roar of the crowd
  • Execute slam dunks which are captured by cameras
  • Test ball-handling skills with an interactive trainer
  • Use an oversized slingshot to launch basketballs at hoops of varying heights, making as many shots as possible before the clock runs
  • Learn the rich legacy and history of NBA and WNBA championship-winning teams
  • Access a team locker room with up-to-date statistics of NBA and WNBA players
  • Enjoy two 180-degree cinematic presentations showcasing the in-arena experience moments, as well as special stories from the players’ perspectives
  • Take a seat at an interactive multi-screen module to watch replay clips from NBA games and tools to make the right calls
  • Play interactive basketball games, from Pop-A-Shot to modern video games
  • explore a retail store featuring exclusive NBA-themed merchandise designed by Disney


The new NBA Experience will open on the West Side in the summer of 2019.

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  • The curved stairs remind me of a more fantastic place…

  • I grudgingly have to admit that some of these activities sound kind of fun. Most of them sound very low-capacity, though. It will be interesting to see how much interest the place draws, and how well they handle it, considering the systematic understaffing at Disney Springs (and all over WDW).

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