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Tickets Now On Sale For NBA Experience

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This summer, Guests will be able to experience the all new NBA Experience and good news! Guests may now purchase tickets to this new Disney Springs destination.

Tickets will cost $34 (plus tax) for guests ages 10 and older, and $29 (plus tax) for children ages 3-9.

When it officially opens on August 12, Guests will be able to feel what it’s like to be a real basketball star by participating in 13 interactive and hands-on activities. Here are some of the activities you’ll be able to experience:

  • Combine – Stand out from the Crowd: Explore the science behind the sport as you put your skills to the test through a series of Combine drills. You’ll get real-time feedback on your performance to see how you measure up to an NBA or WNBA player.
  • Trivia – Get your Brain in the Game: Test your knowledge of the NBA and all of its leagues—past and present—in a competitive game of trivia. The heat is on as you compete against up to 24 other players, as well as the clock.
  • Champions – That Winning Feeling: Relive the NBA and WNBA’s history in the Hall of Champions.
  • Replay – Be the Ref!:  All it takes is one call by a ref to shift a team’s momentum and be the difference between a win and a loss; now it’s your turn. Do you have what it takes to make the correct call? Correct calls will earn points.
  • Theaters: The NBA Experience is home to 2 custom-made theaters showing new, short films.
  • Draft – The Number One Pick is… You!: Experience what it’s like to be drafted into the league.
  • Players – Inside the Player Sanctuary: Enter the locker room, where you can explore current team rosters, records and highlights from the season.
  • Trophy Moments in Hall of Champions: Have your own championship moment with a league MVP trophy to hold high and proud for a thrilling photo op.
  • Dunk! – Challenge Your Skills “Above the Rim”: Step up and demonstrate the dunking skills you’ve only dreamed of until now.
  • Shoot! – Beat the Clock, Bring Home the Win:  Step on the court, where you’ll be guided through a sequence of shots, with a virtual crowd cheering you on.
  • Dribble – Bounce that B-Ball… “Show-off”: Grab a ball, hit the court and let the coach take you through the drills to assess your basketball-handling skills.
  • Slingshot – Score, Score, Score!:  Using a large slingshot, you’ll try to shoot the ball through hoops set at varying heights.
  • Arcade Area: Test your hand-eye coordination at a variety of arcade games:
    • B-Ball Games Up-Close and Personal: Beat the clock with a perfect shot as your basketball skills are put to the test in this spin on classic basketball arcade games.
    • Pop-A-Shot: Fans young and old can try their hand at a series of Pop-A-Shot arcade games that include static hoops and hoops that move side to side.
    • NBA 2K, NBA Live and NBA Playgrounds: Test your skills in the digital arena with the latest immersive video games of the NBA—featuring some favorite venues!

Since the NBA Experience will be a pretty active place, there will be a few things that Disney recommends. First, you should make sure you bring tennis shoes and some sort of athletic wear. This will be a pretty authentic NBA type experience and you don’t want to attempt making that perfect shot in flip flops! (Footwear will be required for entry). In addition, Guests will be asked to sign a waiver prior to starting your activities and children under 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign the waiver for them.

Purchase your tickets for the NBA Experience here.

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