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New Details About Frozen Addition for Epcot’s Norway Pavilion

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Good news, Frozen fans! Reports say that documents have been filed with the South Florida Water Management District and the Reedy Creek Improvement District that share some new details about what we can expect with the updated Norway Pavilion at Epcot.

The paperwork indicates that a brand new 13,000 square foot building will be added in what is currently a backstage area that is situated between the Mexico Pavilion and the Norway Pavilion. This new section will house the previously announced Frozen meet and greet, women’s restrooms, and more.

For a map overlay of how the project may fit in Epcot, check out Theme Park Insider.

Officially the work indicated will include:

  • A 13,000 building that will house a Disney guest attraction and a women’s restroom
  • A 2,000 sf modular type building to replace a similar building demolished for the project
  • Two small parking lots that have a total of 18 parking spaces
  • relocation of piping and mechanical equipment associated with a beverage dispensing kiosk
  • Modification and addition of sidewalks and planters
  • New underground utilities
  • Modification of the existing restroom in the Norway attraction building

While the full details of the what is in store for the entire area have yet to be announced, Disney has said that the Frozen attraction, which is being built in the former location of Maelstrom, is slated to take guests to Arendelle, where they will be included in their favorite scenes from the movie.

Disney announced in September that the new Frozen attraction and meet and greet would debut sometime in 2016. We’ll keep you updated as more information is released about these new updates to the park.

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12 thoughts on “New Details About Frozen Addition for Epcot’s Norway Pavilion

  • So sad about Norway losing it’s entire identity to Frozen. World Showcase is about exposing us to other cultures and give a snapshot of what the country might be like. I fear a slippery slope with the other countries as well.

  • Currently you can meet Belle, Araura, Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel if you dine at Akerchus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway Pavilion. The meet and greets are for breakfast and lunch only I believe. We had breakfast there. They even give you two free photos of your party with a select princess and put them in a nice frame. When we were there Belle was the princess posing. The other princesses will come to your table though and allow you to take pictures.

  • That’s great!!! My question is: currently at Epcot, is there anything Frozen related– ie. A meet and greet? Since so many other princess overlap between MK and Epcot, it would seem only natural to have such popular princess at Epcot as well. ( not just during the holidays but year round until the new exhibit is complete)

    • Currently at Epcot, there is no meet and greet. The only thing that’s there for guests to experience is the Frozen museum items in the Stave Church, currently. Guests can meet Anna and Elsa at Princess Fairytale Hall at the Magic Kingdom, or they can see the sisters, plus Kristoff in the “For the First Time in Forever – A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration” stage show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • Will Anna and Elsa still remain at mk as well? If not who will replace them?

    • I would think that it would depend on how popular Anna and Elsa are once construction is completed. Princess Fairy Tale Hall could switch out to new princesses if Anna and Elsa’s popularity no long necessitates two locations.

    • I would doubt that there would be a regular greeting in MK as well. That would raise too many questions with some kids – “How can Elsa be in the castle at MK and also in Epcot?” That’s why, I believe, there are no regular meet and greets that overlap (other than dining). You can always tell your kid, “Well, Alice was in Epcot earlier but now she came to visit us in MK!”

      • Except that many characters meet in different parks at the same time. For example, Mickey meets in all four parks. Winnie the Pooh meets in both Epcot and Magic Kingdom, Aladdin meets in Adventureland and Morocco, Belle in Enchanted Tales with Belle and the France Pavilion, etc. So, it is possible that Anna and Elsa could be located in both parks. So, I agree with Maddi…it will depend on how popular Anna and Elsa are once construction is completed on the new meet and greet area. Only time will tell on that one.

  • Are they keeping the general ride and just updating it with a Frozen theme? Kind of like what they did with the new Test Track?

    • Neula-
      It has not officially been announced what is taking place with the new attraction currently. Most rumors indicate that it will be the same general ride with a Frozen overlay, however, Disney has not come out and expressly indicated any information about the new attraction, as of yet.

      • The newest rumors seem to be saying the building has been completely stripped and the ride won’t be an overlay but a new ride.

      • I hope they add to the ride as the Maelstrom one was really quite short. It would be disappointing to wait for a long time to ride (as I’m guessing the waits will initially be quite long) only to have it be a short ride.

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