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New L’Artisan des Glaces Ice Cream Parlor Opens In Epcot’s France

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075This week a new ice cream shop, L’Artisan des Glaces, opened in Epcot. The shop features artisan ice cream and sorbets that can be served in a cup or cone or even topped with alcohol! I stopped by yesterday to try it out.

The shop is decorated with old country-style milk bottles, cows, and other things associated with ice cream ingredients…it reminded me of what I would find in my grandmother’s kitchen, but more upscale. They even had a fantastic chandelier made out of milk bottles!

080I was surprised at how open the shop was. I remember that when Boulangerie  Patisserie was in that location it always felt so cramped and crowded. While there isn’t much room for a queue (just like before it goes out the door), once you are inside there is plenty of space to move around. It’s a very nice change.

There are 2 registers for ordering. Scoops cost $3.99 for one or $6.10 for 2. If you want rum, Grand Marnier, or Whipped Cream Vodka poured over 2 scoops, it costs $11.50.

083I opted for the alcoholic version (solely for research purposes of course). I got Profiterole and Coco-White Chocolate Ice Cream topped with Whipped Cream Vodka. After ordering I was directed to one of 2 serving stations for them to put together my creation. I was pleased with how quick and efficient the process was, although it wasn’t too crowded, so it’s possible that crowds may slow things down.

I was very impressed with my dessert. The ice cream was fantastic…the profiterole one had chunks of chocolate-covered cookie pieces in it that were divine, and the Coco-White Chocolate had fresh shaved coconut mixed in. The vodka paired with the ice cream much better than I expected, especially after the disappointing Dole Whip with Rum at Flower & Garden Festival.

L’Artisan des Glaces is a fantastic addition to World Showcase. I foresee many trips here for myself in the upcoming summer months.

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6 thoughts on “New L’Artisan des Glaces Ice Cream Parlor Opens In Epcot’s France

  • Well, I know what this pass holder will be doing this weekend!

    • Did you get to go this weekend? What did you think?

  • Has anyone tried to order just one scoop and a shot of liquor? I’d like my liquor to ice cream ratio to be a bit more even!

    • I tried! They wouldn’t let me. Only 2 scoops. 🙁

  • Do you know if a scoop of ice cream would count as a “snack” in the Disney dining plan? Thanks!


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