Online Disney Shopping, if You’ve Already Bought out ShopDisney

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Many people are doing a lot more online shopping recently. If you’re a Disney merchandise fan, odds are good you’ve been to the ShopDisney website at least once in recent memory. But there are some other places to look online for some other items that might tickle your fancy. Here’s some of what we found.

Hot Topic

Once the domain where teens reigned supreme, Hot Topic has expanded far beyond t-shirts for angst-riddled youth. Their Disney collection offers items like Loungefly bags in different designs from what we see in the parks, but at around $50 instead of the Disney $70-80 price point. There’s also goods for the home, like a Mickey slow cooker that would fit great in my kitchen (hint hint?), costume jewelry (including a not-over-the-top-Disney Rapunzel necklace), and more. I especially like the “Tiki-themed” Stitch keychain. And yes, they still have t-shirts for teens, too.


These Star Wars Pyrex storage containers made the Kessel Run in…. well, let’s just say they went fast. Pyrex says that they will be back in stock, and you can sign up for alerts when they come available again. If these are of interest to you, when the email notification comes in, May the Force Be With You.


Another store with a Hot Topic-like vibe, you can certainly find a variety of Loungefly and Funko items here, along with clothing that made for the post-teen set. But there’s also some other cute items available, like a porridge and chopsticks Mulan-themed bowl, a ceramic WALL*E planter in the shape of the boot that held the plant, and even your own magic carpet (flying not guaranteed).

Le Creuset

These items aren’t new — they’ve been out for a few years now — but they are on sale. If you’re looking for Le Creuset Mickey-shaped ramekins or a Mickey dutch oven, now might be the time to invest, especially if you’re doing more cooking at home anyhow.

Igloo Coolers

One of the most practical set of items that I’ve found online is the Disney series of Igloo Coolers. Reasonably priced, outrageously cute, and very sensible, these would make a great gift for the Disney fan in your life.




Stimulus money burning a hole in your pocket? Montblanc has Disney pens that… well, maybe I’m cheap, but I don’t think I’ve spent as much in my whole life on pens as they charge for one. I thought the $990 pen was way too expensive, and then I saw the one for $3,710. I think I’ll need to stick with their $93 notebook.

Have you found any unique Disney items online that you’ve just had to have? Let us know in the comments.

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