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PHOTOS: Guest Cleanliness Measures and Reduced Crowds at EPCOT

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Visiting Walt Disney World right now is certainly an interesting experience. Today at EPCOT we witnessed the roll out of mobile hand washing stations throughout the park. These hand washing stations are like ones you may have seen at races, festivals, and other outdoor events. There is also signage with personal cleanliness tips and health reminders in a few spots in the park.

EPCOT Hand Washing and Sanitizer Station
EPCOT Hand Washing and Sanitizer Station
EPCOT Hand Washing and Sanitizer Station
EPCOT Public Health Tips Sign

Not unexpectedly, attendance in EPCOT felt a little lighter than in weeks past, but nothing overly dramatic. While in the park we also picked up a new map. Inside it labels the homes of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and the Play! Pavilion. Interesting that none of the other future attractions are labeled on the map.

EPCOT Butterfly Garden
EPCOT Mission SPACE – Light Crowd


This is obviously not the spring break crowds that Disney was expecting or hoping for, and so we’ll be making adjustments to the crowd calendar shortly. Although crowds are lighter than expected, Disney is likely making capacity adjustments on rides, and so wait times may be higher than you would expect for lighter crowds. There’s a lot that we don’t know about continued park operations, travel challenges, and more at this point. It will be a challenge to predict exactly when crowds that are cancelling now will come back in the future, but our stats team is working diligently to continue crunching the numbers. This is a dynamic situation, and so just take things one step at a time, look out for yourselves and others, and keep washing your hands.

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  • Interestingly, that new map shows the not-yet-opened expansion of the France pavilion, but there’s no “future home of ratatouille” label.

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