Pop Century Now Offers Free Wi-Fi

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This just in: guests at Disney’s Pop Century Resort are reporting that as of today they are able to use free resort-wide wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) in their guest rooms. This adds another Disney World resort to the growing list now offering this amenity. Roll out began at the Deluxe resorts last fall.

Rumors about Wi-Fi offerings abound, suggesting the system will be rolled out to all Walt Disney World resorts in the near future. With Pop Century, a Value resort, coming online it seems likely that all Disney-owned resorts will soon have Wi-Fi capabilities.

This is in addition to Disney’s February 29 filings to install property-wide Wi-Fi coverage in throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

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R. A. Pedersen

R. A. Pedersen is the author of The Epcot Explorers Encyclopedia and runs the blog. He has been a research contributor to the Blog since 2006 and functions as sort of an all-around news desk and project-tracker.

20 thoughts on “Pop Century Now Offers Free Wi-Fi

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  • That is awesome!! We are staying at Pop this summer and were hoping to hear this!! Thank you for the update. (My husband works from home and planned on working part of our vacation and this makes it sooo much easier than being tethered to the Ethernet cord.) 🙂

  • I hope it’s better then the free wifi I had a the poly at the beginning of Feb, the only time my sister and I got it to work for more them 5 minutes was at 6am.

  • Just checked in @ All Star Music….was upgraded to preferred in the Calypso bldg & had one of the new mini fridges & free wifi!!!

    • So glad you posted this. Sure hope they have the free wifi at ASMo in May, fridges also!!


  • I think I am one of the few minority not excited by the ‘free’ Wi-Fi. I don’t use the internet while I’m at Disney and as we all know nothing is free. You know Disney is going to pad the cost somewhere and as someone who doesn’t use this service, it ends up being yet another rate increase for no service rendered.

    • You don´t use the internet while at Disney? But what are ou doing all day long? Do you mean to suggest that hanging around in the parks is an option? How do you watch the parade when there´s no WiFi for your iPad? How do you check your Facebook account while riding Pirates without WiFi? Now come on, you must be kidding…

      • There’s no need to be sarcastic. It’d be reasonable to assume that many readers of this blog are Lines users, and/or interested in attending Disney community meet-ups. Others need to check in to work from time to time – it’s either check a few emails for an hour a day or be unable to go on vacation at all. For all sorts of reason, 3G isn’t suitable for everybody.

      • It was just a humorous remark, definitely not meant to insult anybody. But seriously, sometimes I just don´t understand this world anymore. During my last visit, there were 3 girls standing in front of my during the parade – and none of them paid any attention to the parade, they were typing away at their i-whatsoevers… Well, I guess I´m simply too old to get it…

      • Remember that some people are at Disney for longer than a few days. I could not check my email, Social Network sites and such for a few days, however not a week or so. I run my own business from home and email/internet is where I do more than half of my client contact. I can’t not respond to someone for days, that’s not professional. Its not that WiFi was need so people could spend hours online. It’s so people can check there email/other sites when they get back to the room while settling in for bed. Or maybe first thing in the AM before they leave for the park. There are many professions/jobs nowadays that one can’t take a full vacation form and not work a little bit-at least keep in contact with folks. There are some, but not many. Having WiFi in the rooms, means that people don’t have to use their 3G data package. I know it may seem sad to you, however that’s just the times we are living 😉

      • Sorry – I’m terrible at adding the wrong tone to text!

        I totally agree that it’s sad when people are too busy playing with their gadgets to get into the joy of Disney. I remember settling down in the rose garden to watch Wishes and some woman spent the whole time talking on her phone. Through Wishes! But using technology to enhance the experience can be cool.

      • I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be able to have WiFi, that is a personal decision and I make no judgements on whether you need the service or not while you’re at Disney. I just think that if you need to use WiFi for your business or personal, you should pay for it. Why charge others (in other areas, as nothing is ‘free’) for something they are not using. That is just my personal preference on free WiFi since I don’t use it.

  • I can confirm! I just logged on with my phone! Now to unplug the the dreaded blue cord from my laptop and go wireless on the laptop, too! Thanks for the scoop. I had given up searching for wifi since we got here! Thanks!

  • Finally! Last year I was stuck there, with nothing to do and no way to reach anybody on the internet, I could not even twitter, can you imagine that! I ended up spending the day in one of those parks, I was so glad when we were back home…

  • We just stayed at Polynesian 2/29 – 3/4 and we were pleasantly surprised to have free wi-fi in our room. It is about time that they offer this.

  • Cool! We just got back from a stay there from 2/26-3/1. My husband had to plug in his laptop to have internet. I used 3G for my iPad, so it wasn’t too bad. We weren’t in the room much anyway, except for the 28th when we made the kids go to bed at 8pm. We were right behind them at 9pm, since we got up at 4:30am to get to MK for One More Disney Day. The only reason he had the laptop was in case of down time. It will be nice to have the WiFi for the pad/phone when we go back though instead of using 3G data. I’m guessing that the new Animation will have it, as well. We really think our next trip will be there. The Suites look amazing! It all depends on the price, though :0

  • What do you estimate the time frame to be on the property-wide WiFi being available?


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