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Potty Mouth: Best Restrooms in Disney California Adventure

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Disney California Adventure
Photo- Ray Castillo Jr.

Now that we, here at TouringPlans, have already highlighted the best restrooms throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland, it is now time to show some love to Disney California Adventure. While I was visiting my family and friends in Southern California this summer, I had the opportunity to go to the Disneyland Resort to have some fun and do a bit of “research” to find out which Disney California Adventure restrooms are the best. To make my list, I looked for two things: cleanliness of that particular restroom and how much traffic it gets. The cleaner and less crowded, the better. Now, without further ado, I present to you the best restrooms in Disney California Adventure.

Buena Vista Street

  • There is a set of restrooms that you can use right before entering Disney California Adventure. They are located close to the bus stop drop off/pick-up area in the front of the Disneyland Resort. These are great to use before going into any of the parks or leaving for the day to head back to your hotel.
  • There is also a restroom that is hidden right when you enter Disney California Adventure. Head to the left, next to the guest relations area. That is where you will this quiet set of restrooms.

Paradise Pier

  • There are only two restrooms I suggest using while in Paradise Pier. The first set of restrooms are hidden between Goofy’s Sky School and Paradise Garden Grill. These restrooms do see some traffic during lunch and dinner time but they do not get crowded.

    Ariels Grotto Restrooms
    Enter Ariel’s Grotto and head down the staircase is where you will find the restrooms.
  • The next set of restrooms is located inside Ariel’s Grotto. These are great to use because you can also get a little air conditioned break at the same time. Ariel’s Grotto does close at 10 pm, so you will not be able to use them anytime after.

Pacific Wharf

  • There is a huge set of restrooms in Pacific Wharf, located right next to The Lucky Fortune Cookery. These restrooms do see some traffic, but they contain such a large number of stalls that you will not even notice.

Hollywood Land

Grand Cali Restroom
Here is how to get to the Grand Californian restrooms from Disney California Adventure.

Grizzly Peak (Sort Of)

  • Now these are my favorite restrooms to use in either Disney California Adventure or Disneyland. They are located in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, but any California Adventure guest has access to them. The restrooms here are very clean, have nice toilet paper, and the hand soap will not leave your hands feeling like sandpaper. To reach these restrooms you will need to head over to the Grizzly Peak area of the park. Right before getting to the entrance to Grizzly River Run, there is an entrance/exit to Disney’s Grand Californian. Head through the pathway, exit California Adventure (get your hand stamped), and make the first left. Once you make a left turn, you will see a sign for the restrooms. These restrooms are right next to White Water Snacks, which is one of my favorite places to eat throughout the Disneyland Resort. Once you are finished, head back the way you came and reenter California Adventure. Do not worry: it sounds a lot harder than it actually is, and it is well worth the trip.

Below is a map of all the restrooms at Disney California Adventure; the ones that I have highlighted in this post are circled in red.

California Adventure Restrooms

What are some of your favorite restrooms to use in Disney California Adventure? Which ones should people avoid?

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Growing up Southern California, it was hard for Ray not want to go to Disneyland everyday. He was a passholder for over 10 years until he left to teach English in Korea and now lives in Seattle. Even though he lives in the Pacific Northwest, he always has Disney on the mind. Ray is channeling his Disney passion to write for TouringPlans.

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