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Since the summer of 2010, Disney California Adventure has been turning Hollywood Land over to high-energy dance parties on select evenings. Originally called Glow Fest and tied to the debut of World of Color, the event quickly evolved into elecTRONica which proved more popular than the 2010 cinematic TRON sequel that inspired it.

The latest version, which kicked off in the summer of 2012, is a Mad T Party that takes stylistic cues from Tim Burton's take on Alice in Wonderland. All incarnations of this soiree center on house techno-spinning DJs (many with authentic club cred) and exclusive (read: overpriced) alcoholic beverages in collectible cups. The giant Recognizer prop and vintage video arcade that were a highlight of ElecTRONica is gone; instead, there's a 'rabbit hole' entry portal and a live band clad in garishly 'hip' garb loosely based on Wonderland characters. Weekend crowds seem to go crazy for their high-energy setlist, which includes everything from Alicia Keys and The Killers to the "Happy Unbirthday" song.

Whether you find the change an improvement or not depends largely on your love for Burton's profitable but tonally problematic pass on Alice and Co. Between the Day-Glo human slinky contorting on the side stage and the neon Nok-Hockey tables in the streets, the aesthetic resembles an over-the-top Bar Mitzvah party on acid. If you're looking to get your dance and drink on without heading out to Downtown Disney, look no further. And if you aren't, the custom carnival games and oversize armchairs may provide comfort.

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Special beverage venues open in the Mad T Party area include Drink Me, House of Cards. and Mad T Party Production Truck.

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