Description And Comments

Themed as Goofy teaching a bunch of new pilots how to fly, Goofy's Sky School is a designer wild mouse (sometimes also called a mad mouse). If you're not familiar with the genre, it's a small, convoluted roller coaster where the track dips and turns unexpectedly, presumably reminding its inventor of a mouse tearing through a maze. To define it more in Disney terms, the ride is similar to Space Mountain, only outdoors and therefore in the light. Goofy's Sky School is an off-the-shelf midway ride in which Disney has invested next to nothing in spiffing up. In other words, fun but nothing special.

Touring Tips

A fun ride but also a slow-loading one, and one that breaks down frequently. Ride during the first hour that the park is open or use FASTPASS or the single-rider line (when open).

Special Comments

Space Mountain with the lights on; may induce motion sickness; a retheming of Mulholland Madness, the previous ride in this location; must be 42" tall to ride; switching-off option provided.

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