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Priceline Deals Near and Far

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In this season of MerryThanksChristmas parties, we can help you do Disney one better and start planning for Valentine’s and Labor Day in one fell swoop! If you are the proactive sort and have been contemplating what to get your valentine, then may I suggest some nice hotel room deals?

To follow up on our previous post of some really great Priceline Express hotel deals, I’ve noticed that in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day Priceline has deals at Pop Century, All-Star Movies, All-Star Sports, and All-Star Music that’ll make you look like an, umm, All-Star. Or maybe a Pop Star.

These pre-Valentine deals run from February 11-13. On the 14th the rates all jump up to around $125 or more. You can find these rates on regular Priceline, so no Hotel Canary (or any other temporary domicile birds) needed – you can take a look for them yourself here.

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like A VALUE.
(Wait, my wife is shaking her head at me. I may need to revisit this line.)

More exciting news!

After this post was initially released I noticed that these value resort deals can be found on standard Priceline every Monday – Wednesday from January 7th – February 13th.

I am not sure if these were added afterwards or if I was so excited by the prospect of Valentine values that the deal-finding part of my brain shut down. Before we move on to the rest of this post, here are some visuals of the dates in question:

Swan More Deal

Once you’ve finished your whirlwind value romance trip, you’ll of course want to begin working on your Labor Day plans!

If you’re like me when it comes to Labor Day, perhaps the most important ironically non-working holiday, I assume you’ll be taking six weeks off. That works out because if you go back to using Hotel Canary with Priceline Express you’ll find that next year, all the way from August 21 to October 1, you can book the Walt Disney World Swan for a mere $92 a night.

That is a pretty great rate considering the average Swan Express Deal for the same period this year was $159, with many days well above $200. (Just don’t forget that the Swan has a pesky daily resort fee of $31.50 you’ll have to deal with later.)

To find the Swan deals for those dates, you’ll want to look for a 4.5-star hotel in Bonnet Creek with an 8+ guest rating. (It should be the only hotel in that location with all of those specifications.)

If you click the Choose button on the listing, it will open a new tab with the full listing for the Express Deal.

However – Hotel Canary doesn’t work on this page. You’ll want to click the Book button to open yet another new tab where the extension does work.

Once again, I just want to remind everyone that when it comes to Priceline Express deals, there’s no absolute guarantee you’ll get the hotel one of the tools suggest. But, if you do your homework, verify with some research, and use a couple of tools like Hotel Canary, you can become very confident you know what you’re booking.

Even More More!

Well, in this pre-Thanksgiving season, Priceline is certainly offering a bounty of deals – we’ve found that these $92 rates now go all the way from July 1st to October 1st! (With a few odd days out.)

Do either of these deals tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Priceline Deals Near and Far

  • I’m so glad that you’re blogging for Touring Plans now! Long Live JJT!! Long Live Hotel Canary!! Long Live $88 nights!!

    • Haha! Thanks Brandon!

  • Just want to point out that I made a quick addition in the center of this post – more pre-Valentine deals at value resort were found! Check out the calendars in the post for more details.


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